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  • South Sudan

    Expand result for Bahr-El-Ghazal University

    Jameat Bahr Al-Ghazal (UBG)

    Divisions: Economics and Social Studies; Education; Medicine and Health Sciences; Public Health and Environmental Sciences; Veterinary Science

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  •   IAU-024670  
  • South Sudan

    Expand result for Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology


    Divisions: Agriculture; Education; Environmental Studies; Management Sciences; Padak Fisheries Training; Science and Technology

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  •   IAU-024671  
  • South Sudan

    Expand result for Rumbek University


    Divisions: Economic and Social Studies; Education

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  •   IAU-009795  
  • South Sudan

    Expand result for University of Juba

    Jameat Juba (UoJ)

    Divisions: Applied and Industrial Sciences; Arts and Humanities; Community Studies and Rural Development; Computer Science and Information Technology; Distance Education; Education; Engineering and Architecture; French Studies; Human Resources Development and Continuing Education; Management Sciences; Medicine; Music, Arts and Drama; Peace and Development Studies; Public Service; Social and Economic Studies; Transformational Leadership; Translation and Languages

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  •   IAU-009762  
  • South Sudan

    Expand result for Upper Nile University

    Jameat Aali El-Neel (UNU)

    Divisions: Agriculture; Animal Production; Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Education; Forestry; Medicine and Public Health; Nursing; Science; Social Sciences; Veterinary Science; Vocational Education

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