How to search the Portal?

Map search

  • Click on one of the 6 regions of the map (North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Oceania).

  • A window will open showing the list of all countries within the chosen region.

  • Choose between Institutions to display the list of Institutions (default search criterion) or Systems and Credentials to display information of the educational system and the main credentials of the selected country.

Quick search

  • Enter one or more word(s) to retrieve records that can be found in all proposed search fields: Institution(s), Officer(s), Country(ies), and Field(s) of Study  (default search criterion) or tick the specific field you want to search : Institution(s), Officer(s), Country(ies), or Field(s) of Study and enter one or more word(s) in the keywords box. The operator is AND (retrieves records containing all the words) for all fields except for country(ies) where it is OR (retrieves records containing any of the words).

  • Results are displayed in alphabetic order. Results can also be sorted by country.

Fields of study search

  •  Click on one of the 20 fields to see all institutions offering courses in the selected field.

  •  Results are displayed in alphabetic order. Results can also be sorted by country.

Advanced search (available through MyWHED only)

Search can be done within:

  • Institutions (Criteria: Institution, Region, Country, Field of study, Officer, Level of study, Student Services, IAU Member)

  • Systems & Credentials (Criteria: Governing body, Region, Country, Officer, Credential, Level of study, IAU Member)

How to print/export results?

Print and export options are available through MyWHED only. The number of exports is limited to 250 entries.  Larger exports may be performed and there is a charge for this – please contact us for further details. 

  •  Select the results to print or export by ticking the box on the left.
  • (Results of searches are kept in your 'basket'. To empty your basket, click on 'Reset selection').

  • Click on the print/export option which appears at the top of the list to open the print/export window.

  • By default all results will be printed/exported, but you may select specific results by ticking them.

  • Choose a formatAll (all data) or Address (street, city, telephone/telefax numbers, Website) or Student & Staff Numbers or Student Services.

  • Clicking on the Print button will generate a pdf file to be printed.

  • Clicking on the Export button will generate a csv file (convertible format into Excel).

How to log in/log out to MyWHED?

  • To log in, enter your Username and Password (sent to you by the IAU Secretariat) in the Login area (on the top right blue corner of the site).

  • If you have lost your Password, click on Forgotten password? and you will receive an e-mail.

  • To log out, click on Logout in the Login area.

Who has access to MyWHED?

  • All IAU Members in good standing benefit from a complimentary subscription to MyWHED. To join IAU, click here.

  • A one-year access to MyWHED can also be purchased direct from the IAU - please contact  us for more information.