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  • Malta

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    Divisions: International Maritime Law

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  •   IAU-010746  
  • Malta

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    L-Università ta' Malta (UOM)

    Divisions: Aerospace technologies; Anglo-Italian Studies; Arts; Baroque Studies; Biomedical Cybernetics; Built Environment; Confucius; Dental Surgery; Design and Development of Thinking; Digital Games; Diplomatic Studies; Earth Systems; Economics, Management and Accountancy; Education; Education Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health; Educational Research; Engineering; English Language Proficiency; Entrepreneurship and Business incubation; Environmental Education and research; European studies; Gozo; Health Sciences; Information and Communication Technology; Islands and Small States; Labour Studies; Laws; Liberal arts and sciences; Linguistics; Literacy Education; Maltese Studies; Media and Knowledge Sciences; Medicine and Surgery; Mediterranean; Molecular Medicine and Biobanking; Physical Education and Sport; Public Administration and Management; Science; Social Wellbeing; Space sciences and astronomy; Sustainable Development; Sustainable Energy; Theology; Tourism, Travel and Culture; Valletta

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