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Street:Siming campus
422 Siming South Road,
Siming District



Post Code:361005


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Also Xiang 'an, Zhangzhou campuses; Malaysia campus in Malaysia; 31 postdoctoral mobile stations

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Established 1921 by Mr. Tan Kah Kee, first university founded by an overseas Chinese. Part of "211 Project" and "985 Project ". Main administrative body: Ministry of Education

Academic Year

September to July (September-January; March-July)

Admission Requirements

Graduation from senior middle school and National College Entrance Examination
Foreign students: for further information see CUCAS https://school.cucas.edu.cn/Xiamen-University-23/program/

Tuition Fees

National:5,460-9,360 per annum (CNY)

International:24,000-55,000 per annum (CNY)



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Education

Religious Affiliation


Student Body


top Officers

Head : Rong Zhang

Job title:President, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

Senior Administrative Officer : Yan Zhang

Job title:Secretary of XMU Party Committee

top Divisions

Campus Abroad : Xiamen University Malaysia Campus

Fields of study:Accountancy, Advertising and Publicity, Chemical Engineering, Chinese, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Energy Engineering, Finance, International Business, Journalism, Literature, Marine Science and Oceanography, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Traditional Eastern Medicine

Institute : Coastal and Ocean Management Institute

Fields of study:Marine Science and Oceanography

Institute : Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies

Fields of study:Accountancy, Finance

Institute : Institute of Education

Fields of study:Curriculum, Educational Administration, Educational Research, Educational Testing and Evaluation, Higher Education, International and Comparative Education, Pedagogy

Institute : Intellectual Property Research Institute

Fields of study:Civil Law

Institute : Pen-Tung Sah Institute of Micro-Nano Science and Technology

Fields of study:Nanotechnology

Institute : Research School for Southeast Asian Studies

Fields of study:Asian Studies, International Business, International Studies, Regional Studies, Southeast Asian Studies

Institute : South China Sea Institute

Fields of study:Coastal Studies, International Law, International Studies, Regional Studies, Southeast Asian Studies

Institute : Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics

Fields of study:Finance, Statistics

Institute : Xiamen Academy of International Law

Fields of study:International Law

School : Art College

Fields of study:Fine Arts, Performing Arts

School : College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Fields of study:Chemical Engineering, Chemistry

School : College of Energy

Fields of study:Energy Engineering

School : College of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Fields of study:French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Translation and Interpretation

School : College of humanities

Fields of study:Archaeology, Classical Languages, History, Linguistics, Literature, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Writing

School : College of Materials

Fields of study:Materials Engineering

School : College of Ocean and Earth Sciences

Fields of study:Marine Science and Oceanography

School : College of Physical Science and Technology

Fields of study:Astronomy and Space Science, Physics

School : College of the Environment & Ecology

Fields of study:Botany

School : International College

Fields of study:English

School : Overseas Education College

Fields of study:Chinese

School : Physical Education Department

Fields of study:Sports

School : School Of Aerospace Engineering

Fields of study:Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Electronics and Automation

School : School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Fields of study:Architecture and Planning

School : School of Economics

Fields of study:Economics, Finance, Statistics

School : School of Information Science and Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

School : School of International Relations

Fields of study:International Studies, Regional Studies

School : School of Journalism and Communication

Fields of study:Mass Communication

School : School of Law

Fields of study:Law

School : School of Life Sciences

Fields of study:Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedicine

School : School of Management

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business and Commerce, Management, Marketing

School : School of Marxism

Fields of study:Philosophy

School : School of Mathematical Sciences

Fields of study:Mathematics

School : School of Medicine

Fields of study:Biomedicine, Dentistry, Medical Technology, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Optometry, Surgery, Traditional and Complementary Medicine and Therapy, Treatment Techniques

School : School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Fields of study:Pharmacy

School : School of Public Affairs

Fields of study:Development Studies, Political Sciences, Social Work, Sociology

School : School of Public Health

Fields of study:Biomedicine, Health Administration, Public Health

School : School of Sociology and Anthropology

Fields of study:Anthropology, Sociology

School : Schoolof Continuing Education

Fields of study:Distance Education, Staff Development

top Degrees

Bachelor - Xueshi Xuewei

Fields of study:Ancient Languages, Archaeology, Architecture, Business Administration, Chinese, Comparative Literature, Dance, Engineering, English, Fine Arts, French, German, Health Sciences, History, Information Sciences, Japanese, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics and Computer Science, Music, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Regional Planning, Rural Planning, Russian, Social Sciences, Spanish, Technology, Theatre, Town Planning, Translation and Interpretation, Welfare and Protective Services, Writing

Master - Shuoshi Xuewei

Fields of study:Architecture and Planning, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Dance, Educational Sciences, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Information Sciences, Law, Mathematics and Computer Science, Music, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Teacher Training, Technology, Theatre, Welfare and Protective Services

PhD - Boshi

Fields of study:Ancient Languages, Archaeology, Business Administration, Chinese, Comparative Literature, Dance, Education, Engineering, English, Health Sciences, History, Information Sciences, Japanese, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Technology, Theatre, Welfare and Protective Services


Also professional Master's degrees; postdoctoral programmes (Chinese Language and Literature,Chinese History, Archaeology, History of the World, Philosophy, Journalism, Foreign Languages and Literature,Statistics, Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering and in Technological Economics, Public Administration, Political Science, Sociology, Law, Pedagogy, Mathematics, Physics, Electronic Science and Technology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Biology, Marine sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Ecology, Information and communication engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology)

top Academic Periodicals


China Economy

China higher education review

China ocean law review

Chinese international journal

Contemporary accounting review


Higher Education in Foreign Countries

Humanistic international

International affairs review

Journal of advertising

Journal of international economic law

Journal of Xiamen university (Arts & Social Sciences)

Journal of Xiamen university (Natural Science)

Outlook on modern economics

Overseas Chinese education

Public economic research

Research on modern rule of law

Research on the nanyang problem

Roman law and modern civil law

Social and economic history of China

Southeast justice review

Taiwan studies

Taoism study

Trends in overseas Chinese education

Xiamen university law review

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Statistics Year:2018-2019

Full Time Male:1718

Full Time Female:944

Full Time Total:2662


Statistics Year:2018-2019




Foreign Total:2500

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