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China - Hong Kong SAR

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Street:Pokfulam Road

City:Hong Kong


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Founded 1911. A self-governing body financed mainly by the HKSAR government.

Academic Year

September to June

Admission Requirements

Hong Kong Certificate of Education (HKCEE) or equivalent, and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) or equivalent, or other qualifications as equivalent



Accrediting Agency

Education Bureau

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Xiang Zhang

Job title:Vice-Chancellor and President

Years of office:2018-

International Relations Officer : W. John Kao

Job title:Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global)

top Divisions

Centre : Advancement in Special Education

Fields of study:Special Education

Centre : Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research

Fields of study:Chinese

Centre : Ageing (Sau Po)

Fields of study:Gerontology

Centre : Alimentary Research and Education

Fields of study:Food Science

Centre : American Studies

Fields of study:American Studies

Centre : Anthropological Research

Fields of study:Anthropology

Centre : Applied English Studies

Fields of study:English Studies

Centre : Applied Spectroscopy and Analytical Sciences

Fields of study:Chemistry

Centre : Architecture and Urban Design for China and Hong Kong

Fields of study:Architecture and Planning

Centre : Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values

Fields of study:Small Business

Centre : Asian Studies

Fields of study:Asian Studies

Centre : Behavioural Health

Fields of study:Health Sciences

Centre : Biomedical Engineering

Fields of study:Bioengineering

Centre : Buddhist Studies

Fields of study:Asian Religious Studies

Centre : Cancer Research

Fields of study:Oncology

Centre : Cellular Biology

Fields of study:Cell Biology

Centre : China Development Studies

Fields of study:East Asian Studies

More details:International Centre

Centre : China Financial Research

Fields of study:Finance

Centre : Chinese Law

Fields of study:Law

Centre : Chinese Management

Fields of study:Management

Centre : Chong Yuet Ming Amenities

Centre : Civil Society and Governance

Fields of study:Social Sciences

Centre : Cleft Lip and Palate

Fields of study:Surgery

Centre : Clinical Trials

Fields of study:Health Sciences

Centre : Cognitive Science

Fields of study:Cognitive Sciences

Centre : Communication Disorders

Fields of study:Communication Disorders

Centre : Comparative and Public Law

Fields of study:Comparative Law, Public Law

Centre : Construct I.T.

Fields of study:Building Technologies

Centre : Criminology

Fields of study:Criminology

Centre : Cultural Policy Research

Fields of study:Cultural Studies

Centre : Development and Resources for Students

Centre : E-Commerce Infrastructure Development

Fields of study:E- Business/Commerce

Centre : Educational Leadership

Fields of study:Educational Administration

Centre : Electrical Energy Systems

Fields of study:Electrical Engineering

Centre : Endocrinology and Diabetes

Fields of study:Diabetology, Endocrinology

Centre : Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Fields of study:Pedagogy

Centre : Environmental Engineering Research

Fields of study:Environmental Engineering

Centre : European Studies

Fields of study:European Studies

Centre : Financial Innovation and Risk Management

Fields of study:Finance

Centre : Fong Shu Chuen Amenities

Centre : Genomic Sciences

Fields of study:Genetics

Centre : Globalization and Cultures

Fields of study:International Studies

Centre : Hong Kong Prehistory

Fields of study:Archaeology

Centre : Hong Kong Putonghua Education and Assessment

Fields of study:Educational Testing and Evaluation

Centre : Human Development and Birth Defects

Centre : Human Reproduction

Fields of study:Genetics

Centre : Humanities and Medicine

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Medicine

Centre : Infection (Carol Yu)

Fields of study:Virology

Centre : Influenza Research

Fields of study:Virology

Centre : Information Security and Cryptography

Fields of study:Information Technology

Centre : Information Technology in Education

Fields of study:Information Technology

Centre : Infrastructure and Construction Industry Development

Fields of study:Building Technologies

Centre : Journalism and Media Studies

Fields of study:Journalism, Media Studies

Centre : Language

Fields of study:Modern Languages

Centre : Law and Technology

Fields of study:Law, Technology

Centre : Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education

Fields of study:Environmental Studies

Centre : Materials Science

Fields of study:Materials Engineering

Centre : Navigational Dentistry

Fields of study:Dentistry

Centre : Neuroscience

Fields of study:Neurosciences

Centre : Nonlinear Mechanics

Fields of study:Mechanical Engineering

Centre : Pokfulam Amenities

Centre : Real Estate and Urban Economics

Fields of study:Real Estate

Centre : Renewable Energy in Architecture

Fields of study:Architectural and Environmental Design

Centre : Research in Plant Drugs Development

Fields of study:Pharmacology

Centre : Social Sciences Research

Fields of study:Social Sciences

Centre : Study of Liver Disease

Fields of study:Hepatology

Centre : Teachers of English Language Education

Fields of study:Foreign Languages Education

Centre : Technology Support

Fields of study:Technology

Centre : Theoretical and Computational Physics

Fields of study:Physics

Centre : Urban Studies and Urban Planning

Fields of study:Town Planning

Faculty : Architecture

Fields of study:Architecture

Faculty : Arts

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Modern Languages

Faculty : Business and Economics

Fields of study:Business and Commerce, Economics

Faculty : Dentistry

Fields of study:Dentistry

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Education

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Engineering

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Law

Faculty : Medicine (Li Ka Shing)

Fields of study:Medicine

Faculty : Science

Fields of study:Natural Sciences

Faculty : Social Sciences

Fields of study:Social Sciences

Institute : Advanced IT Training

Fields of study:Information Technology

Institute : AIDS

Institute : Cardiovascular Science and Medicine

Fields of study:Cardiology

Institute : China and Global Development

Fields of study:East Asian Studies

Institute : Cyberport

Institute : Economics and Business Strategy

Fields of study:Economics

Institute : Emerging Technologies

Fields of study:Technology

Institute : Family (HKU)

Fields of study:Family Studies

Institute : Human Reproduction

Fields of study:Genetics

Institute : Humanities and Social Sciences

Fields of study:Asian Studies

Institute : Kadoorie

Fields of study:Environmental Studies

Institute : Management (Poon Kam Kai)

Fields of study:Management

Institute : Marine Science (Swire)

Fields of study:Marine Science and Oceanography

Institute : Mathematical Research

Fields of study:Mathematics

Institute : Medical and Health Sciences Education

Fields of study:Science Education

Institute : Transport Studies

Fields of study:Transport Management

Research Division : Advanced Mechanical Systems (Fong)

Fields of study:Mechanical Engineering

Research Division : Asia Case

Fields of study:Asian Studies

Research Division : Chinese Language Cognitive Science

Fields of study:Chinese

Research Division : Comparative Education

Fields of study:Education

Research Division : Electric Vehicles

Fields of study:Automotive Engineering

Research Division : Geographical/Land Information System

Fields of study:Geography

Research Division : Heart, Brain, Hormone & Healthy Aging

Fields of study:Gerontology

Research Division : HKU-Pasteur

Fields of study:Virology

Research Division : Rock Engineering

Fields of study:Geological Engineering

Research Division : Social Sciences

Fields of study:Social Sciences

Research Division : Women's Studies

Fields of study:Women's Studies

School : Chinese Medicine

Fields of study:Traditional Eastern Medicine

School : Graduate

School : Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE)

Fields of study:Continuing Education

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Architecture, Architecture and Planning, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Acupuncture, Architectural and Environmental Design, Architectural Restoration, Architecture, Asian Religious Studies, Business Administration, Chinese, Civil Engineering, Clinical Psychology, Computer Science, Criminology, Dentistry, Development Studies, E- Business/Commerce, Economics, Education, Educational Psychology, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Management, Finance, Food Science, Gerontology, Industrial Engineering, Information Management, International Studies, Journalism, Landscape Architecture, Law, Library Science, Linguistics, Medicine, Nursing, Orthodontics, Pharmacy, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Health, Real Estate, Social Sciences, Social Work, Town Planning, Transport and Communications, Writing

Master of Philosophy

Fields of study:Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

Doctor's Degree

Fields of study:Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

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