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Street:P.O. Box 59857
Ole Sangale Road
City Square



Post Code:00200


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Founded 1961. Acquired present status 2002 and awarded charter 2008.

Academic Year

July to June

Admission Requirements

Mean Grade C+ at National Secondary School Examinations

Tuition Fees

National:200,000 per annum (KES)

International:1,900 per annum (USD)



Accrediting Agency

Commission for University Education (CUE)

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top Officers

Head : Vincent Ogutu

Job title:Vice-Chancellor

Years of office:2021-

Senior Administrative Officer : Dorina Telaide

Job title:Special Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor

Senior Administrative Officer : Elizabeth Gachenga

Job title:Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs

Senior Administrative Officer : Izael Pereira Da Silva

Job title:Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research

top Divisions

Centre : Strathmore Research and Consultancy

More details:Strathmore Research and Consultancy Center, SRCC, is the consulting arm of Strath­more University. It coordinates the consultancy work of the university to ensure that clients receive high quality advisory work.

Centre : Tourism and Hospitality

Fields of study:Cooking and Catering, Hotel Management, Tourism

More details:Vision To exert a positive transformational change in the hospitality and tourism education, as well as in industry practice, standards and growth, in order to achieve world class excellence in service.

Faculty : Information Technology

Fields of study:Business Computing, Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering

More details:Faculty Vision Our vision is to be a world-class ICT trainer, promoting integration between academia, research and industry in order to promote assimilation and use of technology in business environments.

Institute : Mathematical Sciences

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics

More details:Vision To be a centre of excellence in applied research and innovation in mathematics and mathematical sciences and to highly contribute to the quality of teaching of mathematics.

Research Division : @iLabAfrica

Fields of study:Information Technology, Management

More details:Vision To be a lead­ing Centre of Excel­lence in the uses of ICT for development.

Research Division : Energy

Fields of study:Energy Engineering

More details:Vision To become a leading outcome driven entrepreneurial research centre by translating our excellence into major contribution to greater adaptation and penetration of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Research Division : Governance (SGC)

Fields of study:Ethics, Government, Leadership

More details:Vision SGC seeks to promote good governance in the public, private and civic sectors of the Eastern African region by carrying out research and analysis on governance issues.

Research Division : Therapeutic Sciences (CREATES)

Fields of study:Genetics, Rehabilitation and Therapy

More details:Vision A leader in innovative health research for development.

School : Accountancy

Fields of study:Accountancy

More details:Vision To become a leading out-come driven entrepreneurial research University by translating our excellence into major contribution to culture, economic well-being and quality of life.

School : Business

Fields of study:Business Administration, Development Studies, Health Administration, Leadership, Management

More details:Mission Our mission is “service to society through developing virtuous leaders by providing world-class executive management education in a local setting”.

School : Finance and Applied Economics

Fields of study:Actuarial Science, Economics, Finance

More details:Vision SFAE Aspires to be the top choice for research and higher education in Quantitative analysis and risk management.

School : Graduate Studies

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Educational Administration, Ethics, Information Technology, Mathematics, Philosophy, Public Administration, Statistics, Telecommunications Engineering

More details:Vision To create a platform for Strathmore to become a leading outcome-driven university providing high quality graduate education and research.

School : Humanities and Social Sciences

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Communication Studies, Development Studies, Educational Administration, Ethics, International Studies, Philosophy

More details:Vision The Vision of the School of Humanities is to enhance the general vision of the university through the teaching of the humanities.

School : Law

Fields of study:Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, Labour Law, Law

More details:Vision Strathmore Law School’s vision is to be a centre renowned for excellence in legal education and research, guided by a commitment to pursue justice, to cultivate lawyers of professional and moral competence.

School : Management and Commerce

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing

More details:Vision We aspire to promote integration between academic research and industry in order to promote business growth in an atmosphere of high ethical and professional performance.

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Business and Commerce, Computer Engineering, Finance, Fine Arts, International Studies, Law, Linguistics, Management, Marketing, Mathematics and Computer Science, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Psychology

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Computer Science, Educational Administration, Ethics, Information Technology, Philosophy

Doctor's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Computer Science, Management, Psychology, Statistics

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Strathmore University Press

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Statistics Year:2016-2017

Full Time Male:95

Full Time Female:90

Full Time Total:185


Statistics Year:2016-2017




Foreign Total:173

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