Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (BGKU) 


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Street:vul. Bulvarno-Kudriavska, 18/2


Province:Kyiv Region

Post Code:04053

Tel.:+380(44) 272-19-02

Fax:+380(44) 272-19-02


Institution Funding



Created 1919 as Borys Grinchenko Pedagogical Institute. Became Borys Grinchenko Kyiv City Pedagogical University in 2002. Acquired current title in 2009

Academic Year

September to June

Tuition Fees

National:9,000 per annum (UAH)



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MON)

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Viktor Ogneviuk

Job title:Rector

Tel:+380(44) 272-19-02

Senior Administrative Officer : Oleksandr Turuntsev

Job title:Vice-Rector on Administrative Affairs

International Relations Officer : Iryna Mankovska

Job title:Research Fellow

Tel:+380(44) 272-19-02

International Relations Officer : Olha Vyhovska

Job title:Head of Scientific-Research Laboratory of Internationalization of Higher Education

Tel:+380(44) 272-19-02 +380(44) 272-18-62

International Relations Officer : Tetiana Kostiuk

Job title:Senior Research Fellow

Tel:+380(44) 272-19-62

top Divisions

College : University College

Fields of study:Design, Music, Physical Education, Preschool Education, Primary Education

Faculty : Health, Physical Ecucation and Sports

Fields of study:Health Administration, Teacher Training

Faculty : History and Philosophy

Fields of study:Archaeology, History, Philosophy

Faculty : Information Technology and Management

Fields of study:Accountancy, Computer Science, Educational Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Management, Mathematics, Statistics

Faculty : Law and International Relations

Fields of study:International Law, Law

Institute : Arts

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Design, Music

Institute : Human Sciences

Fields of study:Psychology, Social Sciences, Social Work

Institute : In-Service Training

Fields of study:Educational Sciences, Special Education, Teacher Training

Institute : Journalism

Fields of study:Library Science, Mass Communication

Institute : Pedagogy

Fields of study:Educational Sciences, Preschool Education, Primary Education

Institute : Philology

Fields of study:Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Philology, Spanish

top Degrees

Dyplom Molodshogo bakalavra

Dyplom Bakalavra

Fields of study:Administration, Banking, Chinese, Computer Science, Dance, Design, English, Finance, Fine Arts, French, German, Health Sciences, History, Information Sciences, International Relations, Italian, Japanese, Journalism, Law, Library Science, Literature, Management, Mathematics, Music, Philology, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Political Sciences, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Public Relations, Publishing and Book Trade, Slavic Languages, Social Sciences, Social Welfare, Social Work, Speech Therapy and Audiology, Sports, Translation and Interpretation

Dyplom Spetsialista

Fields of study:English, Fine Arts, Literature, Music, Pedagogy, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Slavic Languages

Dyplom Magistra

Fields of study:Administration, Archiving, Banking, Behavioural Sciences, Computer Science, Dance, Design, Educational Administration, Finance, Fine Arts, History, Information Sciences, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Library Science, Management, Mathematics, Music, Pedagogy, Philology, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Speech Therapy and Audiology

Dyplom Doktora Filosofii

Fields of study:Educational Sciences, Pedagogy, Philology, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies

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Student Services


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Osvitologia / Educology The Modern Higher Education Review The Pedagogical Process: Theory And Practice Continuing Professional Education : Theory and Practice Educological Discourse Pedagogical Education: Theory and Practice. Psychology. Pedagogy Sinopsis: Text, Context, Media Studia Philologica Kyiv Historical Studies Musical Art in the Educological Discourse Integrated Communications Art-Space Literary Process: Methodology, Names, Tendencies Open Educational E-Environment of Modern University

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Statistics Year:2018-2019

Full Time Total:1036

Staff with Doctorate

Full Time Total:327


Statistics Year:2018-2019


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