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Also Coquimbo, Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama campuses

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Founded 1956. UCN gives its contribution to the world through its professionals trained in the various disciplines of knowledge, at the light of an education characterized by incorporating the principles of Christian Humanism and Social Vocation

Academic Year

March to December (March-July; August-December)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (Licencia de Educación Media) and entrance examination (PSU). Special admissions for professionals and foreign students.



Accrediting Agency

National Accreditation Commission (CNA)

Religious Affiliation


Student Body


top Officers

Head : Rodrigo Alda Varas

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Fernando Orellana

Job title:Secretary General

International Relations Officer : Dania Tristá Pérez

Job title:Director of Institutional Relations

top Divisions

Centre : Distance Education

Fields of study:Distance Education

Faculty : Architecture, Civil Construction and Civil Engineering

Fields of study:Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering

Faculty : Economics and Administration

Fields of study:Accountancy, Administration, Business and Commerce, Economics, Management

Faculty : Engineering and Geological Science

Fields of study:Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geology, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering

Faculty : Humanities

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Journalism, Law, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Theology

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Law

Faculty : Marine Science

Fields of study:Aquaculture, Marine Biology, Marine Science and Oceanography

More details:Coquimbo

Faculty : Medicine

Fields of study:Biomedicine, Medicine, Public Health

Faculty : Science

Fields of study:Astronomy and Space Science, Chemistry, Computer Education, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics Education, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy, Physics, Statistics

Institute : Applied Economics

Fields of study:Economics

More details:Regional

Institute : Archeological Research

Fields of study:Anthropology, Archaeology

Institute : Astronomy

Fields of study:Astronomy and Space Science

School : Commercial Engineering

Fields of study:Business and Commerce

More details:Coquimbo

School : Journalism

Fields of study:Information Sciences, Journalism, Mass Communication

School : Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

School : Theology

Fields of study:Theology

More details:Coquimbo

top Degrees


Fields of study:Accountancy, Administration, Anthropology, Aquaculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Astronomy and Space Science, Biomedicine, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication Arts, Computer Education, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Engineering, Distance Education, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Geology, Industrial Engineering, Information Sciences, Journalism, Law, Management, Marine Biology, Marine Science and Oceanography, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics Education, Medicine, Metallurgical Engineering, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Public Health, Religious Studies, Secondary Education, Statistics, Theology


Fields of study:Ethics, Religion


Fields of study:Architecture, Business Administration, Chemistry, Clinical Psychology, Communication Studies, Computer Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geology, Government, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Mathematics, Mining Engineering, Physics, Public Administration, Public Health, Regional Studies


Fields of study:Anthropology, Aquaculture, Biology, Ecology, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology


Especialidades (Medicine)

top Academic Periodicals


Boletín de Educación

Revista de Derecho

Revista de Matemáticas: Proyecciones

Revista Norte

Revista Vertientes

Tercer Milenio

Main Press

Imprenta Universidad Católica del Norte

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