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Street:Private Bag 756, Wallace Street



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Founded 1963. Acquired present status and title 1998.

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Head : Andrea McIlroy

Job title:Principal

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Centre : Public Health Research

Fields of study:Public Health

Centre : Sleep/Wake Research

Fields of study:Behavioural Sciences

Department/Division : Educational Development

Fields of study:Educational Sciences

Institute : Food, Nutrition and Human Health

Fields of study:Food Science, Health Sciences, Nutrition

Institute : Information Sciences and Technology

Fields of study:Information Sciences, Information Technology

Institute : Technology and Engineering

Fields of study:Engineering, Technology

School : Business and Information Systems

Fields of study:Business Administration

School : Design

Fields of study:Design

School : Engineering and Construction

Fields of study:Construction Engineering, Engineering

School : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Health Sciences

School : Language Studies

Fields of study:Modern Languages

School : Maori Studies

Fields of study:Indigenous Studies

School : Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

School : Social Work and Social Policy

Fields of study:Social Policy, Social Work

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