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Street:University Building, Abishekapatti


Province:Tamil Nadu

Post Code:627012


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Founded 1990.

Academic Year

July to April (July-November; December-April)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate



Accrediting Agency

University Grants Commission; Association of Indian Universities

Student Body


top Officers

Head : K. Baskar

Job title:Vice-Chancellor

Senior Administrative Officer : A.John De Britto

Job title:Registrar

top Divisions

Centre : Marine Science and Technology

Fields of study:Aquaculture, Biological and Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Marine Engineering, Marine Science and Oceanography, Microbiology

Department/Division : Biotechnology

Fields of study:Biotechnology

Department/Division : Chemistry

Fields of study:Chemistry

Department/Division : Commerce

Fields of study:Business and Commerce

Department/Division : Communication

Fields of study:Advertising and Publicity, Communication Studies, Film, Journalism, Media Studies, Radio and Television Broadcasting

Department/Division : Computer Science and Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Science

Department/Division : Criminology and Criminal Justice

Fields of study:Criminal Law, Criminology

Department/Division : Economics

Fields of study:Business Administration, Economics

Department/Division : Education

Fields of study:Education

Department/Division : English

Fields of study:Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, English, Literature, Media Studies, Theatre, Translation and Interpretation

Department/Division : Environmental Science

Fields of study:Biotechnology, Environmental Studies

Department/Division : Geotechnology

Fields of study:Geology, Geophysics, Marine Science and Oceanography

Department/Division : Hindi

Fields of study:Hindi

Department/Division : History

Fields of study:History

Department/Division : Information Technology and Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Science, E-Business/Commerce, Information Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science

Department/Division : Management Studies

Fields of study:Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing

Department/Division : Mathematics

Fields of study:Mathematics

Department/Division : Nanobiotechnology

Fields of study:Biotechnology, Nanotechnology

Department/Division : Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physical Chemistry, Statistics

Department/Division : Physical Education and Sports

Fields of study:Physical Education, Sports

Department/Division : Physics

Fields of study:Physics

Department/Division : Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

Department/Division : Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy

Fields of study:Social Policy, Social Problems

Department/Division : Sociology

Fields of study:Sociology

Department/Division : Statistics

Fields of study:Computer Science, Data Processing, Statistics

Department/Division : Tamil

Fields of study:South and Southeast Asian Languages

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Postgraduate Diploma

Master's Degree

Master of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy


Also MBA; Undergraduate certificate

top Academic Periodicals


Mano International Journal of Mathematical Sciences

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