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Street:b-dul Bucureşti, nr. 39


Post Code:100680

Tel.:+40(244) 57-31-71

Fax:+40(244) 57-58-47


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Founded 1948 as Petroleum and Gas Institute of Bucharest. Moved to Ploieşti 1973 and acquired present status and title 1994.

Academic Year

October to July (October-February; February-July)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (Bacalaureat)



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Education and Research

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Mihai Pascu Coloja

Job title:Rector

top Divisions

Faculty : Arts and Sciences

Fields of study:Administration, Chemistry, Cultural Studies, English, French, Mathematics and Computer Science, Modern Languages, Philology, Physics, Secretarial Studies

Faculty : Economics

Fields of study:Accountancy, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Management

Faculty : Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Fields of study:Automation and Control Engineering, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Machine Building, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Equipment and Maintenance

Faculty : Petroleum Engineering and Gas Engineering

Fields of study:Geology, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Production Engineering

Faculty : Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry

Fields of study:Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering

top Degrees

Diploma de Licenţă

Fields of study:Business Administration, Educational Sciences, Engineering, Engineering Management, Literature, Mathematics and Computer Science, Modern Languages

Diplomă de Master

Fields of study:Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Educational Sciences, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Philology

Diplomă de Doctor

Fields of study:Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering

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