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Street:Universitätsring 15


Province:Rhineland Palatinate

Post Code:54296


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Founded 1473 and closed in Napoleonic era. Re-established 1970 as a modern campus University. Incorporated the Theologische Fakultät Trier (founded 1950)

Academic Year

October to September (October-March; April-September)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (Reifezeugnis)

Tuition Fees

National:Tuition, none; social fees: 145.50 per semester (EUR)



Accrediting Agency

Akkreditierungsrat; DAkkS; AQAS

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Michael Jäckel

Job title:President

Senior Administrative Officer : Ulrike Graßnick

Job title:Chancellor

International Relations Officer : Birgit Roser

Job title:Head, International Office

top Divisions

Centre : Competence Center E-Business - ceb

Centre : Digital Humanities / Competence Centre for Electronic Processing and Publication in the Humanities

Centre : Research network Interactive Science - Internal Science Communication through digital media

Faculty : I

Fields of study:Educational Sciences, Nursing, Pedagogy, Philosophy

Faculty : II

Fields of study:Chinese, Classical Languages, English Studies, Germanic Studies, Greek (Classical), Japanese, Latin, Linguistics, Media Studies, Phonetics, Romance Languages, Slavic Languages

Faculty : III

Fields of study:Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology, Art History, History, Political Sciences

Faculty : IV

Fields of study:Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Ethnology, Mathematics, Sociology

Faculty : Theology

Fields of study:Theology

Faculty : V

Fields of study:Law

Faculty : VI

Fields of study:Earth Sciences, Geography

Institute : BioGeoAnalytik, Umweltproben- biobanks - IBU

Institute : History of the Jews - AMIGJ

More details:Arye Maimon

Institute : Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the European Union - IAAEU

Research Division : America Romana Centrum - ARC

Research Division : American Studies - TCAS

Research Division : Ancient Studies at the University of Trier - ZAT

Research Division : Canadian Studies - ZKS

Research Division : Cusanus

Research Division : East Asian and Pacific Studies - Zops

Research Division : Environment and Regional Statistics - forumstat

Fields of study:Statistics

Research Division : Environmental and Technology Law at the University of Trier - IUTR

Research Division : Europa - FZE

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences

Research Division : European Centre for Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Research - EZPP

Research Division : European Constitutional Law - IETL

Research Division : European Studies - ZES

Research Division : German and European Criminal Law and Police Law - ISP

Research Division : German and European Water Management Law - IDEW

Research Division : Greco-Roman Egypt

Research Division : Health Care Management - IHCI

More details:International

Research Division : Health Economics - ZfG

Research Division : Historical and Cultural Sciences

Research Division : Kant

Research Division : Languages ​​and Literatures Luxembourg - FSL

Research Division : Media and Culture

Research Division : Medieval Studies - TZM

Research Division : Poli Clinical Psychotherapy Clinic for Training, Education and Research - PALF

Research Division : Postcolonial and Gender Studies - CePoG

Research Division : Psychobiology

Research Division : Psychological Assessment and Evaluation - ZDiag

Research Division : Research and Training Profession - IPW

More details:Interregional

Research Division : Service Center for Applied Mathematics - ZAM

Research Division : Teacher Education - ZfL

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Ancient Civilizations, Applied Mathematics, Archaeology, Art History, Asian Studies, Business Administration, Business Computing, Catholic Theology, Communication Studies, Computer Education, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Earth Sciences, East Asian Studies, Economics, Educational Sciences, English, Environmental Studies, Finance, Foreign Languages Education, French, French Studies, Geology, German, Germanic Studies, Greek (Classical), Health Sciences, History, Humanities and Social Science Education, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Media Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Native Language Education, Philology, Philosophy, Phonetics, Political Sciences, Psychology, Public Law, Religious Education, Russian, Science Education, Social Sciences, Sociology, Spanish


Fields of study:Catholic Theology


Fields of study:Theology


Fields of study:Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology, Art History, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Business Computing, Catholic Theology, Chinese, Classical Languages, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Economics, English, French, Gender Studies, Geography, Geography (Human), German, History, Italian, Japanese, Mathematics, Media Studies, Paper Technology, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Phonetics, Political Sciences, Psychology, Public Law, Romance Languages, Russian, Slavic Languages, Sociology, Spanish, Teacher Training


Fields of study:Archaeology, Art History, Business Administration, Business Computing, Chinese, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, English, Environmental Studies, French, Geography, Geology, German, Greek (Classical), Health Administration, History, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Media Studies, Medieval Studies, Meteorology, Modern History, Modern Languages, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Phonetics, Political Sciences, Psychology, Romance Languages, Slavic Languages, Social Sciences, Soil Science, Spanish, Statistics, Surveying and Mapping, Theology, Water Science


Fields of study:Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology, Art History, Business Administration, Economics, Ethnology, Geography, Geology, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Theology


Also Teacher Training State Examination in Teacher Training (Lehramt) and Law

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