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Street:Postbus 25035


Post Code:3001 HA


Institution Funding



Founded 1988.



Accrediting Agency

Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO)

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Sarah Wilton-Wels

Job title:Chairman of the Executive Board

Senior Administrative Officer : Wijnand van den Brink

Job title:Executive Board Member

top Divisions

Academy : Arts (WdKA)

Fields of study:Art Education, Design, Fine Arts

More details:Willem de Kooning Academy

Institute : Mainport

Fields of study:Marine Transport, Transport Management

More details:Rotterdam

School : Built Environment

Fields of study:Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Economics, Real Estate, Town Planning, Transport Management

School : Business

Fields of study:Business Administration, International Business

More details:Rotterdam

School : Commerce

Fields of study:Business Administration, Management, Marketing

School : Communication, Media and Information Technology

Fields of study:Business Computing, Computer Engineering, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Multimedia, Software Engineering

School : Education

Fields of study:Education, Foreign Languages Education, Humanities and Social Science Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Secondary Education, Technology Education

School : Engineering and Applied Science

Fields of study:Automotive Engineering, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Laboratory Techniques, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology

School : Financial Management

Fields of study:Finance

School : Healthcare Studies

Fields of study:Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Audiology

School : Management

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Industrial Management, International Business, Management, Modern Languages, Retailing and Wholesaling, Small Business, Sports Management, Taxation, Transport Management

School : Social Work

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, Labour and Industrial Relations, Pedagogy, Social Studies, Social Work

top Degrees

HBO Bachelor

Fields of study:Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Design, Education, Fine Arts, International Business, Management, Marketing, Primary Education, Real Estate, Regional Planning, Secondary Education, Small Business, Teacher Training, Town Planning, Transport Management, Vocational Education

HBO Master

Fields of study:Accountancy, Architecture, Art Education, Business Administration, Design, Finance, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Mass Communication, Media Studies, Town Planning, Transport Economics

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