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Parklands Drive



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Also Campuses at Nathan, Mount Gravatt, Gold Coast, Logan and South Bank. the Gold Coast in south-east Queensland. Over 30 Reseach centres. Several independent academic centres, institutes and colleges

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Founded 1971 and officially opened 1975. The University has adopted a 'School' Structure as its academic unit.

Academic Year

January to December (February-June; July-November; November-February)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate or recognized foreign equivalent, or previous tertiary study. Candidates who have completed relevant studies from another institution may apply for exemption from some studies

Tuition Fees

National:14,720-61,520 per annum (AUD)



Student Body


top Officers

Head : Carolyn Evans

Job title:Vice-Chancellor and President

Senior Administrative Officer : Debra Henly

Job title:Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor

International Relations Officer : Sarah Todd

Job title:Vice President (Global)

top Divisions

Conservatory : Conservatorium

Fields of study:Music

More details:Queensland

Department/Division : Accountancy, Finance and Economics

Fields of study:Accountancy, Economics, Finance

Department/Division : Employment Relations and Human Resources

Fields of study:Human Resources, Industrial Management

Department/Division : International Business and Asian Studies

Fields of study:Accountancy, Asian Studies, Business and Commerce, Finance, Hotel Management, Human Resources, International Business, Leisure Studies, Management, Marketing, Political Sciences, Sports Management, Tourism

Department/Division : Marketing

Fields of study:Marketing

Department/Division : Politics and Public Policy

Fields of study:Political Sciences, Public Administration

Department/Division : Tourism, Leisure, Hotel and Sport Management

Fields of study:Hotel Management, Leisure Studies, Sports Management, Tourism

School : Applied Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

School : Arts, Education and Law

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Education, Law

School : Biomolecular and Physical Sciences

Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology

School : Business

Fields of study:Asian Studies, International Business

School : Criminology and Criminal Justice

Fields of study:Criminal Law, Criminology

School : Dentistry and Oral Health

Fields of study:Dentistry, Oral Pathology

School : Education and Professional Studies

Fields of study:Art Education, Curriculum, Education, Foreign Languages Education, Pedagogy, Special Education, Technology, Technology Education, Vocational Education

School : Engineering

Fields of study:Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Microelectronics

School : Environment

Fields of study:Environmental Management, Environmental Studies

School : Human Services and Social Work

Fields of study:Social and Community Services, Social Welfare

School : Humanities

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities

School : Information and Communication Technology

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering

School : Languages and Linguistics

Fields of study:Linguistics, Modern Languages

School : Law

Fields of study:Law

School : Management

Fields of study:Management

School : Medical Science

Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Biomedicine, Molecular Biology, Natural Sciences

School : Medicine

Fields of study:Medicine

School : Nursing and Midwifery

Fields of study:Midwifery, Nursing

School : Pharmacy

Fields of study:Pharmacy

School : Physiotherapy and Exercise Science

Fields of study:Physical Therapy, Physiology, Rehabilitation and Therapy

School : Public Health

Fields of study:Anatomy, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Oral Pathology, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Public Health

School : Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology, Microelectronics

School : Vocational, Technology and Arts Education

Fields of study:Art Education, Technology Education

top Degrees

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Honours Degree

Graduate Certificate/Diploma

Master Degree

Doctoral Degree

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