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Street:Anker Engelundsvej 1
Bygning 101A

City:Kgs. Lyngby

Post Code:2800


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Founded 1829 as a State Institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. Departments restructured 1996. Acquired present status 2001. Merged with Copenhagen University College of Engineering (IHK) in 2013

Academic Year

September to July (September-January; February-July)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (studentereksamen) or foreign equivalent with defined levels of education in mathematics, physics and chemistry



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Anders Overgaard Bjarklev

Job title:Rector

top Divisions

Department/Division : Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Computer Science

Department/Division : Chemical Engineering

Fields of study:Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering

Department/Division : Chemistry

Fields of study:Chemistry

Department/Division : Civil Engineering

Fields of study:Architecture, Civil Engineering

Department/Division : Electrical Engineering

Fields of study:Electrical Engineering, Sound Engineering (Acoustics)

Department/Division : Energy Conversion and Storage

Fields of study:Energy Engineering, Environmental Management

Department/Division : Environmental Engineering

Fields of study:Environmental Engineering

Department/Division : Management Engineering

Fields of study:Engineering Management, Industrial Management

Department/Division : Mechanical Engineering

Fields of study:Mechanical Engineering

Department/Division : Micro- and Nanotechnology

Fields of study:Physics

Department/Division : Photonics Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Networks, Information Technology, Physical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering

Department/Division : Physics

Fields of study:Physics

Department/Division : Systems Biology

Fields of study:Bioengineering, Biological and Life Sciences, Biotechnology

Department/Division : Transport

Fields of study:Bridge Engineering, Railway Engineering, Road Engineering, Transport Engineering, Transport Management

Department/Division : Wind Energy

Fields of study:Energy Engineering

Institute : Aquatic Resources

Fields of study:Aquaculture, Marine Science and Oceanography, Water Science

Institute : Food Technology

Fields of study:Brewing, Food Technology

Institute : National Space Institute

Fields of study:Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Astronomy and Space Science

Institute : National Veterinary Institute

Fields of study:Veterinary Science

top Degrees

Bachelorgrad (Bachelor's degree)

Fields of study:Agriculture, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Technology

Professionsbachelorgrad (Professional Bachelor’s degree)

Fields of study:Agriculture, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Technology

Kandidatgrad (Master's degree)

Fields of study:Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Aquaculture, Architecture, Biological and Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Design, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Food Technology, Industrial Design, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Physics, Production Engineering, Sound Engineering (Acoustics), Telecommunications Engineering, Transport Management

Ph.d.-grad (PhD degree)

Fields of study:Agriculture, Engineering, Food Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences


Bachelor's degrees taught in Danish. Master's courses taught in English

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