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Founded 1909 as the maritime section of the Shanghai Ministry of Communication School. Established 1953 incorporating Shanghai Nautical College, Northeast Navigation College, and Fujian Navigation School. Renamed 1997. Part of "211 Project" universities

Academic Year

March to January (March-July; September-January)

Admission Requirements

Graduation from senior middle school and national college entrance examination

Tuition Fees

International:20.000-38.000/year (CNY)



Accrediting Agency

Norwegian Classification Society; China Maritime Safety Administration; Ministry of Communication

Religious Affiliation


Student Body


top Officers

Head : Yuqing Sun

Job title:President, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

top Divisions

College : Automation and Electrical Engineering

College : Computer Science and Technology

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering

College : Continuing Education

College : Economics and Management

College : Electromechanics and Materials Engineering

Fields of study:Electronics and Automation, Machine Building, Marine Engineering, Materials Engineering

College : Environmental Science and Engineering

Fields of study:Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Nautical Science

College : Foreign Languages

Fields of study:English, Japanese

College : Humanities and Social Sciences

College : Information Engineering

Fields of study:Electronic Engineering, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering

College : Law

Fields of study:International Economics, International Law, Labour Law, Law

College : Marine Engineering

College : Mathematics

Fields of study:Computer Science, Information Sciences, Mathematics

College : Navigation

Fields of study:Nautical Science

College : Physics

College : Postgraduate Studies

College : Specialised Degree Education

College : Transportation and Logistics

Research Division : Antenna

Research Division : Automation and Control Engineeering

Research Division : Automation Engineering

Research Division : Circuit and System

Research Division : Communication Electronics

Research Division : Electronic Infomation Technology Education and Application

Research Division : Environmental Biology

Research Division : Environmental Engineering

Research Division : Global Navigation Satellite

Research Division : Globalisation and Foreign Language Teaching

Research Division : Image Information Processing

Research Division : IMO Conventions

Research Division : Information System Engineering

Research Division : International Shipping Human Resource

Research Division : International Trade and Multinational Investment

Research Division : Logistics System Engineering

Research Division : Maritime Mobile Communications

Research Division : Mobile Communications

Research Division : Nautical Science and Technology

Research Division : Ocean Exploration and Management

Research Division : Optoelectronics Information Engineering

Research Division : Optoelectronics Technology

Research Division : Port and Shipping

Research Division : Road and Bridge Engineering

Research Division : Tourism Planning

Research Division : Transportation Economics

Research Division : Transportation Planning

Research Division : Waterway Transportation Acts

top Degrees

Bachelor - Xueshi Xuewei

Fields of study:Economics, Fine Arts, Law, Management, Technology

Master - Shuoshi Xuewei

Fields of study:Economics, Law, Management, Technology

PhD - Boshi

Fields of study:Law, Technology


Also Professional Diplomas

top Academic Periodicals


Higher Maritime Education

Journal of Dalian Maritime University

Nautical Laws of China

World Shipping Journal

Main Press

Dalian Maritime University Press

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