South Africa

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Street:PO Box 1906
Symphony Way (off Modderdam Road)


Province:Western Cape

Post Code:7535


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Also Cape Town, Mowbray, Granger Bay and Wellington Campuses. A traditional and distance education institution.

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Founded 1967, acquired present status 1979 (following the merger between Cape Technikon and Peninsula Technikon), acquired present title 2005.

Academic Year

January to December

Admission Requirements

Senior Certificate or equivalent with additional requirements per Faculty.



Student Body


top Officers

Head : Chris Nhlapo

Job title:Vice-Chancellor

Senior Administrative Officer : David Phaho

Job title:Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Technology, Innovation and Partnerships

Senior Administrative Officer : Sello Simon Mokoena

Job title:Registrar

top Divisions

Centre : E-Learning

Centre : Instrumentation Research

Fields of study:Instrument Making

More details:CIR

Faculty : Applied Sciences

Fields of study:Agriculture, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Food Science, Food Technology, Horticulture, Mathematics, Nutrition, Physics

Faculty : Business and Management Sciences

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Retailing and Wholesaling, Sports Management, Taxation, Tourism

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Economics, Education, Educational Sciences, Higher Education, Management, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Social Sciences, Technology Education

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Marine Transport, Mechanical Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, Textile Technology

Faculty : Health and Wellness Sciences

Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Dentistry, Health Administration, Health Sciences, Laboratory Techniques, Medical Technology, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Health, Ophthalmology, Radiology

Faculty : Informatics and Design

Fields of study:Architecture, Computer Science, Design, Fashion Design, Film, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Information Technology, Interior Design, Jewellery Art, Journalism, Multimedia, Photography, Public Relations, Regional Planning, Structural Architecture, Town Planning, Video

Institute : Energy

Fields of study:Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Institute : Technology

Fields of study:Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering

More details:French South African

Research Division : Biocatalysis and Technical Biology

Fields of study:Biology

More details:BTB

Research Division : Material Science and Technology

Fields of study:Materials Engineering

More details:MST

top Degrees

Bachelor of Technology

Bachelor's Degree

Honours Degree

Postgraduate Diploma

Master of Technology

Fields of study:Accountancy, Architecture, Biomedicine, Building Technologies, Business Administration, Business Computing, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Dental Technology, Design, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Management, Food Technology, Horticulture, Human Resources, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Marine Science and Oceanography, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Nursing, Public Administration, Regional Planning, Sports Management, Surveying and Mapping, Tourism, Town Planning

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Education

Doctor of Technology

Fields of study:Agriculture, Biomedicine, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Design, Electrical Engineering, Health Sciences, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Retailing and Wholesaling, Tourism


Fields of study:Education


Advanced Certificate, 3 yrs.

top Academic Periodicals


Journal of Engineering Design and Technology


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