Anhui University of Finance and Economics (AUFE) 


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Street:255 Hongye Road


Province:Anhui Province

Post Code:233041

Tel.:+86(552) 3170010

Fax:+86(552) 3170010


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Founded 1959 as Anhui Commercial Institute. Renamed Anhui University of Finance and Trade 1978. Acquired present title 2004.



Student Body


top Officers

Head : Ding Zhongming

Job title:President

International Relations Officer : Sun Xuebin

top Divisions

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Law

Research Division : Accounting Financial Development

Fields of study:Accountancy, Finance

Research Division : Applied Mathematics

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics

Research Division : Applied Statistics

Fields of study:Statistics

Research Division : Circulation of Economic Research

Fields of study:Business and Commerce

Research Division : Company Economy

Fields of study:Economics

Research Division : Consumer’s Behavior

Fields of study:Consumer Studies

More details:RCCB

Research Division : Cotton Project

Fields of study:Crop Production, Textile Technology

Research Division : Economies at County Level

Fields of study:Economics, Public Administration

Research Division : Enterprise Information Management

Fields of study:Private Administration, Public Administration

Research Division : Entrepreneurship and Business Growth

Fields of study:Business and Commerce

More details:RCEBG

Research Division : Government and Non-profit organization Accounting

Fields of study:Accountancy, Government, Institutional Administration

Research Division : History and Culture

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, History

More details:HCRI

Research Division : International Law and International Tax Law

Fields of study:International Law, Taxation

Research Division : Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Fields of study:Transport Management

Research Division : Modern Finance

Fields of study:Finance

More details:RIMF

Research Division : Rural Economic and Social Development

Fields of study:Development Studies, Rural Studies

Research Division : Rural Public Policies

Fields of study:Rural Studies

More details:RCRPP

Research Division : SOE Management

Fields of study:Public Administration

More details:RCSM

Research Division : Trade and Industry Development

Fields of study:Business and Commerce

More details:RITID

School : Accountancy

Fields of study:Accountancy

School : Business

Fields of study:Business and Commerce

School : Economics

Fields of study:Economics

School : Finance

Fields of study:Finance

School : Finance and Public Administration

Fields of study:Finance, Public Administration

School : Foreign Languages

Fields of study:Foreign Languages Education

School : Information Engineering

Fields of study:Information Technology

School : International Economics and Trade

Fields of study:International Economics

School : Literature, Art and Media

Fields of study:Media Studies

School : Management

Fields of study:Management

School : Politics

Fields of study:Political Sciences

School : Statistics and Applied Economics

Fields of study:Economics, Statistics

top Degrees

Xueshi Xuewei

Shuoshi Xuewei

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Student Services

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Finance and Trade Research

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