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Street:Dumlupinar Boulevard Campus


Post Code:07058

Tel.:+90(242) 227-4400

Fax:+90(242) 227-5540


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Also Research Centres, State Conservatory and 11 Vocational Schools

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Founded 1982, incorporating the Antalya Medical Faculty of the University of Ankara. An autonomous State institution.

Admission Requirements

Foreign students, YÖS examination



Accrediting Agency

Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Mustafa Ünal

Job title:Acting Rector

International Relations Officer : Cengiz Sayın

Job title:Vice-Rector for International Relations

top Divisions

Conservatory : State

Fields of study:Music

More details:Antalya

Faculty : Agriculture

Fields of study:Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Management, Animal Husbandry, Food Technology, Vegetable Production, Veterinary Science

Faculty : Applied Sciences

Fields of study:Accountancy, Air Transport, Banking, Finance, Management, Marketing, Transport Management

Faculty : Architecture

Fields of study:Agriculture

Faculty : Communication

Fields of study:Communication Studies, Mass Communication

Faculty : Dentistry

Fields of study:Dentistry

Faculty : Economics and Administrative Sciences

Fields of study:Economics, Finance, Management, Public Administration

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Education

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Faculty : Fine Arts

Fields of study:Architectural and Environmental Design, Ceramic Art, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Painting and Drawing

Faculty : Fisheries

Fields of study:Aquaculture, Fishery

Faculty : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Health Sciences

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Law

Faculty : Literature and Science

Fields of study:Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Languages, Archaeology, Arts and Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, German, Gerontology, History, Literature, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Turkish

Faculty : Medicine

Fields of study:Medicine

Faculty : Nursing

Fields of study:Nursing

Faculty : Science

Fields of study:Astronomy and Space Science, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physics

Faculty : Theology

Fields of study:Theology

Faculty : Tourism

Fields of study:Tourism

Faculty : Tourism - Manavgat

Fields of study:Tourism

Institute : Educational Sciences

Fields of study:Educational Sciences

Institute : Fines Arts

Fields of study:Fine Arts

Institute : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Health Sciences

Institute : Mediterranean Civilisations Research

Fields of study:Mediterranean Studies

Institute : Natural and Applied Science

Fields of study:Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Equipment, Aquaculture, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Food Science, Geological Engineering, Horticulture, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physics, Plant and Crop Protection, Soil Science

Institute : Organ Transplatation

Fields of study:Surgery

More details:Professor Dr. Tuncer Karpuzoğlu

Institute : Social Sciences

Fields of study:Administration, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Languages, Archaeology, Economics, History, Hotel Management, Public Relations, Social Sciences, Sociology, Tourism

School : Foreign Languages

Fields of study:English

School : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Health Sciences

More details:Antalya

School : Phisical Education and Sports

Fields of study:Physical Education, Sports

top Degrees

Önlisans Diplomasi

Lisans Diplomasi

Yüksek Lisans Diplomasi

Doktora Diplomasi

top Student Services and Facilities

Student Services

Academic Counselling


Careers Guidance

Cultural Activities

Health Services

Language Laboratory

Nursery Care

Social Counselling

Sports Facilities

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