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China - Hong Kong SAR

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Street:83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon

City:Hong Kong

Province:Hong Kong SAR

Tel.:+852 3442-7654

Fax:+852 2788-1167


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Founded 1984 as City Polytechnic of Hong Kong. Acquired present status and title 1994.

Academic Year

September to May (September-December; January-May), Summer term, June-August

Admission Requirements

Meet general requirement, English and/or Chinese proficiency. Individual programmes may have additional entrance requirements. Consult university for details.



Student Body


top Officers

Head : Way Kuo

Job title:President

top Divisions

Centre : Chinese Civilisation

Fields of study:Architecture, Chinese, Literature, Music, Painting and Drawing, Philosophy, Sculpture, South Asian Studies

Centre : Electronic Packaging & Assemblies, Failure Analysis & Reliability Engineering (EPA Centre)

Fields of study:Electronic Engineering

Centre : English Language

Fields of study:English

Centre : Innovative Applications of Internet and Multimedia Technologies (AIMtech Centre)

Fields of study:Computer Networks, Multimedia

Centre : Maritime and Transportation Law (HKCMT)

Fields of study:Maritime Law

Centre : Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization Research (CSCR)

Fields of study:Energy Engineering

College : Business

Fields of study:Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, Management, Marketing

College : Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Fields of study:Chinese, Communication Studies, East Asian Studies, English, Linguistics, Media Studies, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Policy, Social Studies, Social Work, Southeast Asian Studies, Translation and Interpretation

College : Science and Engineering

Fields of study:Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Building Technologies, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Engineering Management, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Structural Architecture

Department/Division : Accountancy

Fields of study:Accountancy, Commercial Law, Information Management

Department/Division : Applied Social Studies

Fields of study:Criminology, Educational and Student Counselling, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology

Department/Division : Asian and International Studies

Fields of study:East Asian Studies, International Studies, South and Southeast Asian Languages

Department/Division : Biology and Chemistry

Fields of study:Applied Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies

Department/Division : Building Science and Technology

Fields of study:Architecture, Building Technologies, Construction Engineering, Engineering Management, Surveying and Mapping

Department/Division : Chinese, Translation and Linguistics

Fields of study:Chinese, Cultural Studies, Heritage Preservation, Linguistics, Modern Languages, Translation and Interpretation

Department/Division : Civil and Architectural Engineering

Fields of study:Architecture, Building Technologies, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Management, Real Estate, Structural Architecture, Surveying and Mapping

Department/Division : Computer Science

Fields of study:Computer Education, Computer Science

Department/Division : Economics and Finance

Fields of study:Economics, Finance, Insurance

Department/Division : Electronic Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering

Department/Division : English

Fields of study:English

Department/Division : Information Systems

Fields of study:Business Computing, E- Business/Commerce, Information Management, Marketing

Department/Division : Management

Fields of study:Business Administration, Human Resources, International Business, Management

Department/Division : Management Sciences

Fields of study:Business Administration, Management, Statistics

Department/Division : Marketing

Fields of study:Business and Commerce, Marketing

Department/Division : Mathematics

Fields of study:Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Finance, Mathematics and Computer Science

Department/Division : Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Department/Division : Media and Communication

Fields of study:Communication Studies, English, Media Studies

Department/Division : Physics and Materials Science

Fields of study:Applied Physics, Materials Engineering, Nanotechnology, Physics

Department/Division : Public Policy

Fields of study:Administration, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Management, Public Administration, Social Policy, Social Studies, Town Planning

Department/Division : Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Fields of study:Electronic Engineering, Engineering Drawing and Design, Engineering Management, Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering, Safety Engineering

Research Division : Ability R&D Energy (AERC)

Fields of study:Energy Engineering

Research Division : Advanced Structural Materials (CASM)

Fields of study:Materials Engineering

Research Division : Applied Computing and Interactive Studies (ACIM)

Fields of study:Computer Science, Media Studies, Multimedia

Research Division : Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre (GCCC)

Fields of study:Environmental Studies, Meteorology

Research Division : Biosystems, Neuroscience, and Nanotechnology (CBNN)

Fields of study:Biotechnology, Nanotechnology

Research Division : Chaos and Complex Networks (CCCN)

Fields of study:Engineering, Mathematics, Physics

Research Division : Chinese and Comparative Law (RCCL)

Fields of study:Comparative Law

Research Division : Communication Research (CCR)

Fields of study:Communication Studies

Research Division : East Asian and Comparative Philosophy (CEACOP)

Fields of study:Philosophy

Research Division : Functional Photonics (CFP)

Research Division : Governance in Asia (GARC)

Fields of study:Asian Studies, Government

Research Division : Hong Kong Advanced Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Studies

Research Division : Intelligent Applications of Language Studies (HCLS)

Fields of study:Communication Studies, Linguistics

More details:The Halliday Centre

Research Division : Mathematical Sciences (LBJ)

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics

More details:Liu Bie Ju

Research Division : Multimedia Software Engineering Research Centre (MERC)

Fields of study:Software Engineering

Research Division : Prognostics and System Health Management

Research Division : Robotics and Automation (CRA)

Fields of study:Automation and Control Engineering

Research Division : Social Media Marketing and Business Intelligence (CSMR)

Fields of study:Business Administration, Marketing

Research Division : Southeast Asia (SEARC)

Fields of study:Southeast Asian Studies

Research Division : State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution (SKLMP)

Fields of study:Environmental Management, Marine Science and Oceanography

Research Division : State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves (SKLMW)

Fields of study:Physics

Research Division : Super-Diamond and Advanced Films (COSDAF)

Fields of study:Nanotechnology

Research Division : System Informatics Engineering (CSIE)

Fields of study:Computer Engineering

Research Division : Transport, Trade and Financial Studies (CTFS)

Fields of study:Business and Commerce, Finance, Transport and Communications

School : Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE)

School : Creative Media

Fields of study:Cinema and Television, Media Studies, Photography, Writing

School : Energy and Environment

Fields of study:Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies

School : Graduate Studies

Fields of study:Architecture, Business Administration, Engineering Management, Law

School : Law

Fields of study:Comparative Law, International Law, Law, Maritime Law

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree Honours

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Engineering, Law, Social Sciences

Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma

Fields of study:Accountancy, Building Technologies, Computer Networks, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Information Management, Law

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Fine Arts, Law, Natural Sciences

Master of Philosophy

Fields of study:Accountancy, Applied Mathematics, Building Technologies, Computer Science, E- Business/Commerce, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Studies, Finance, International Business, International Economics, Law, Linguistics, Management, Materials Engineering, Technology

Doctor's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Construction Engineering, Economics, Engineering, Engineering Management, Law, Management, Mass Communication, Materials Engineering

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Statistics Year:2010-2011

Full Time Male:859

Full Time Female:297

Full Time Total:1156

Staff with Doctorate

Full Time Male:621

Full Time Female:161

Full Time Total:782


Statistics Year:2010-2011




Foreign Total:2853

Part Time:5803

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