Agricultural University of Hebei (AUH) 


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Street:289 Lingyusi Sreet


Province:Hebei Province

Post Code:071001

Tel.:+86(312) 7521823

Fax:+86(312) 7521217


Other Sites

Also campuses in Qinghuangdao, Huanghua, Dingzhou.

Institution Funding



Founded 1902. Acquired present status 1958.

Academic Year

September to July

Admission Requirements

Graduation from senior high school and entrance examination



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Education; Hebei Provincial Education Department

Religious Affiliation


Student Body


top Officers

Head : Wang Zhigang

Job title:President

top Divisions

College : Adult Education

Fields of study:Adult Education

College : Agronomy

Fields of study:Agronomy

College : Animal Science and Technology

Fields of study:Animal Husbandry, Technology, Zoology

College : Arts

Fields of study:Fine Arts

College : Basic Sciences

Fields of study:Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

College : Economics and Trade

Fields of study:Business and Commerce, Economics

College : Food Science & Technology

Fields of study:Food Science, Technology

College : Foreign Languages

Fields of study:English, Japanese

College : Forestry

Fields of study:Forestry

College : Humanities Adult Education

Fields of study:Adult Education, Arts and Humanities

College : Information Science and Technology

Fields of study:Information Sciences, Information Technology

College : Knowledge and Practice

College : Landscape Architecture and Tourism

Fields of study:Landscape Architecture, Tourism

College : Life Sciences

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Botany, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology

College : Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Fields of study:Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

College : Modern Science and Technology

Fields of study:Technology

College : Natural Resources and Environment Sciences

Fields of study:Environmental Studies, Natural Resources

College : Ocean

Fields of study:Aquaculture, Marine Biology, Marine Science and Oceanography

College : Plant Protection, Gardening, Forestry and Tourism

Fields of study:Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Plant and Crop Protection, Tourism

College : Rural Development

Fields of study:Rural Planning

College : Technical and Vocational Education

Fields of study:Vocational Education

College : Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Fields of study:Traditional Eastern Medicine, Veterinary Science

College : Urban and Rural Construction

Fields of study:Building Technologies, Rural Studies, Urban Studies

School : Business

Fields of study:Business and Commerce

School : Postgraduate

top Degrees


Xueshi Xuewei

Shuoshi Xuewei


Fields of study:Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Management, Agronomy, Botany, Crop Production, Plant Pathology

top Student Services and Facilities

Student Services

Academic Counselling


Careers Guidance

Cultural Activities

Health Services

Language Laboratory

Nursery Care

Social Counselling

Sports Facilities

top Academic Periodicals


Academic Journal

Academic Journal on Forestry

Education in Agriculture and Forestry of Hebei

Hebei Village and Town Construction

Scientific and Technical Development in Rural Areas

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