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Street:Sikar Road



Post Code:305 004

Tel.:+91(145) 278-9406 +91(992) 814-4442/3

Fax:+91(145) 278-9421


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Founded 2008.

Accrediting Agency

University Grants Commission (UGC)

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Head : Virendra Kumar Sharma

Job title:Vice-Chancellor

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College : Education

Fields of study:Education

College : Para Medical Science

Fields of study:Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation and Therapy

Institute : Computer Application

Fields of study:Computer Engineering

Institute : Engineering and Technology

Fields of study:Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Information Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Technology

Institute : Hospitality and Aviation

Fields of study:Food Technology, Hotel and Restaurant, Household Management, Tourism

Institute : Humanities and Applied Sciences

Fields of study:Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Arts and Humanities

Institute : Management

Fields of study:Management

Institute : Media and Mass Communication

Fields of study:Mass Communication, Media Studies

Institute : Pharmaceutical Science and Research Center

Fields of study:Pharmacy

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Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree

Doctor of Philosophy

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