Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Universitat Ben Gurion Ba-Negev (BGU) 


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Street:POB 653


Post Code:84105

Tel.:+972(8) 6461-111

Fax:+972(8) 6472-891


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Also branches in Eilat and Sede Boqer.

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Founded 1964 as the University of the Negev. Acquired present title 1973. In 2000, the Eliat Regional College (located in the city of Eliat) became an external campus of Ben-Gurion University

Academic Year

October to June (October-January; February-June)

Admission Requirements

High School Diploma (or equivalent). Psychometric test and Hebrew language proficiency. Admission to the M.D. program in International Health is administered through Columbia University, Faculty of Health Sciences, New York,NY.



Accrediting Agency

Council for Higher Education

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Rivka Carmi

Job title:President

Senior Administrative Officer : David Bareket

Job title:Vice-President, Director-General

top Divisions

Faculty : Business and Management

Fields of study:Behavioural Sciences, Business Administration, Economics, Health Administration, Hotel Management, Management, Public Administration, Tourism

More details:Guilford Glazer

Faculty : Engineering Sciences

Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Construction Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Safety Engineering, Software Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering

Faculty : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Anatomy, Biochemistry, Epidemiology, Gerontology, Health Administration, Health Sciences, Immunology, Medical Technology, Medicine, Microbiology, Nursing, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Public Health, Virology

Faculty : Humanities and Social Sciences

Fields of study:Accountancy, Ancient Civilizations, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Arts and Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Bible, Biology, Cognitive Sciences, Economics, Education, English, Environmental Studies, Geography, Hebrew, History, Jewish Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics Education, Media Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Psychology, Science Education, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology, Statistics, Technology Education

Faculty : Natural Sciences

Fields of study:Biological and Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecology, Environmental Studies, Geology, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Optical Technology, Physics

Institute : Desert Research

Fields of study:Arid Land Studies, Biotechnology, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Natural Resources, Water Management

More details:Jacob Blaustein

Research Division : Study of Israel and Zionism

Fields of study:Jewish Studies

School : Desert Studies

Fields of study:Arid Land Studies, Hydraulic Engineering, Water Science

More details:Albert Katz International

School : Advanced Graduate Studies

More details:Kreitman

School : Continuing Education

Fields of study:Continuing Education

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Engineering, Fine Arts, Medical Technology, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Social Work

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Business Administration, Fine Arts, Gerontology, Health Administration, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health


Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Engineering, Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

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Student Services

Academic Counselling


Careers Guidance

Cultural Activities

Facilities for Disabled People

Foreign Studies Centre

Health Services

Language Laboratory

Nursery Care

Social Counselling

Sports Facilities

top Academic Periodicals


Geography Research Forum


Israel Studies

ISSR-Israel Social Science Research Journal




Main Press

Ben Gurion University of the Negev Press

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