Bashkir State University Baškirskij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet 

Russian Federation

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Street:ul. Zaki Validi 32


Province:Respublika Bashkortosan

Post Code:450074

Tel.:+7(347) 273-67-34 +7(347) 273-32-87

Fax:+7(347) 273-67-34 +7(347) 273-67-78


Institution Funding



Founded 1957. Placed under the authority of the Russian State Committee of Higher Education. Financed by the State.

Academic Year

September to July (September-January; February-July)

Admission Requirements

Secondary education certificate (Attestat o srednem obrazovanii) and entrance examination



Student Body


top Officers

Head : Akhat Gazizjanovich Mustafin

Job title:Rector

top Divisions

Faculty : Baškir Philology and Journalism

Fields of study:Journalism, Philology

Faculty : Biology

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Physiology, Plant Pathology, Zoology

Faculty : Chemistry

Fields of study:Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

Faculty : Economics

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business and Commerce, Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Taxation

Faculty : Geography

Fields of study:Geography, Geology, Water Science

Faculty : Geology

Fields of study:Geology

Faculty : History

Fields of study:Archaeology, Ethnology, History, Medieval Studies

Faculty : Mathematics

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Systems Analysis

Faculty : Philology and Journalism

Fields of study:Journalism, Literature, Oriental Languages, Philology, Russian

Faculty : Physics

Fields of study:Applied Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Electronic Engineering, Geophysics, Mechanics, Physical Engineering, Physics, Radiophysics

Faculty : Romance-German Philology

Fields of study:Comparative Literature, English, French, German, Romance Languages

top Degrees



Specialist Diploma

Kandidat Nauk

Doktor Nauk

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Student Services

Academic Counselling


Careers Guidance

Health Services

Language Laboratory

Nursery Care

Sports Facilities

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