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Street:Ahmet Necdet Sezer Kampusü
Gazligöl Yolu


Post Code:03200

Tel.:+90(272) 444-03-03

Fax:+90(272) 228-12-13


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Founded 1992.

Academic Year

October to July (October-January; February-July)

Accrediting Agency

Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Mustafa Solak

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Ismet Dogan

Job title:Secretary-General

top Divisions

Conservatory : State Conservatory

Fields of study:Music, Musical Instruments, Performing Arts

Faculty : Dentistry

Fields of study:Dentistry

Faculty : Economics and Administratiive Sciences

Fields of study:Administration, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, Public Administration

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Computer Education, Education, Mathematics Education, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Science Education, Social Sciences, Technology Education, Turkish

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Ceramics and Glass Technology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Food Technology, Materials Engineering, Mining Engineering, Surveying and Mapping

Faculty : Fine Arts

Fields of study:Architectural and Environmental Design, Cinema and Television, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Painting and Drawing

Faculty : Islamic Studies

Fields of study:Islamic Studies

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Law

Faculty : Medicine

Fields of study:Medicine

Faculty : Pharmacy

Fields of study:Pharmacy

Faculty : Science And Literature

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Geography, History, Literature, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, Statistics, Turkish

Faculty : Technical Education

Fields of study:Technology Education

Faculty : Technology

Fields of study:Automotive Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Technology Education

Faculty : Tourism

Fields of study:Cooking and Catering, Hotel and Restaurant, Hotel Management, Tourism

Faculty : Veterinary Science

Fields of study:Veterinary Science

Institute : Educational Sciences

Fields of study:Educational Sciences

Institute : Fine Arts

Fields of study:Fine Arts

Institute : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Health Sciences

Institute : Natural and Applied Sciences

Fields of study:Natural Sciences

Institute : Social Sciences

Fields of study:Social Sciences

School : Applied Sciences

Fields of study:Transport Management

More details:Bolvadin

School : Foreign Languages

Fields of study:English, Modern Languages

School : Health

Fields of study:Dietetics, Health Administration, Health Sciences, Nursing, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Therapy

More details:Afyon

School : Physical Education and Sports

Fields of study:Parks and Recreation, Physical Education, Sports

top Degrees

Lisans Diplomasi

Yüksek Lisans Diplomasi

Fields of study:Educational Sciences, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

Doktora Diplomasi

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Statistics Year:2016-2017


Full Time Total:1400


Statistics Year:2016-2017


Foreign Total:465

Updated on 22-07-2011