Armenian State Pedagogical University After Khachatur Abovyan Kh. Abovyani Anvan Petakan Manakavarzhakan Hamalsaran (ASPU) 


top General Information


Street:Tigran Mets 17


Post Code:010

Tel.:+374(1) 597-049

Fax:+374(1) 597-008


Institution Funding



Founded 1922, acquired present status 2008.

Academic Year

September to July

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate

Tuition Fees

National:260,000-585,000 per annum (AMD)



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Rouben Mirzakhanyan

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Armen Liparit Tamazyan

Job title:Vice-Rector for General Affairs

International Relations Officer : Ara Vladimir Yeremyan

Job title:Vice Chancellor of Personnel and International Cooperation

top Divisions

Centre : Democracy and Human Rights Education

Fields of study:Human Rights

College : Basic Studies

Fields of study:Biology, Mathematics, Physics

More details:ASPU Yerevan Basic College SNGO

Faculty : Art Education

Fields of study:Art History, Conducting, Cultural Studies, Design, Fine Arts, Handicrafts, Music, Music Education, Musical Instruments, Singing

Faculty : Biology, Chemistry and Geography

Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physiology, Science Education, Zoology

Faculty : Culture

Fields of study:Architectural Restoration, Cinema and Television, Cultural Studies, Dance, Journalism, Museum Studies, Music, Photography, Radio and Television Broadcasting

Faculty : Educaional Psychology and Sociology

Fields of study:Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology

Faculty : Education Management

Fields of study:Educational Administration

Faculty : Foreign Languages

Fields of study:English, Foreign Languages Education, German, Modern Languages, Romance Languages, Russian

Faculty : History and Jurisprudence

Fields of study:History, History of Law, Humanities and Social Science Education, Law, Political Sciences

Faculty : Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

Fields of study:Computer Science, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Science Education

Faculty : Philology

Fields of study:Ancient Languages, Armenian, Humanities and Social Science Education, Literature, Philology

Faculty : Preschool Education

Fields of study:Mathematics Education, Native Language Education, Preschool Education, Primary Education

Faculty : Special Education

Fields of study:Psychology, Special Education, Speech Therapy and Audiology

Research Division : Pedagogy

Fields of study:Pedagogy

top Degrees

Bakalavri Vorakavorum

Magistrosi Vorakavorum

Fields of study:Armenian, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Cinema and Television, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Dance, Ecology, Educational Administration, English, Environmental Management, Fine Arts, Geography, German, History, Information Sciences, Journalism, Library Science, Literature, Management, Mathematics, Museum Studies, Music Education, Natural Sciences, Painting and Drawing, Pedagogy, Photography, Physics, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Russian, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Special Education, Technology

Candidate/Doctor of Science

Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry, Cultural Studies, Engineering, Geography, History, Mathematics, Pedagogy, Philology, Physics, Psychology, Sociology

top Student Services and Facilities

Student Services

Academic Counselling


Careers Guidance

Cultural Activities

Facilities for Disabled People

Foreign Studies Centre

Health Services

IT Centre

Language Laboratory


Social Counselling

Sports Facilities

top Academic Periodicals


Apaga Mankavarzh (Future Pedagogue)

Armenian Studies Review

Pedagogical University official newspaper

Scientific Bulletin

Scientific Periodical of Interuniversity Consortium

The Basic Problems in Pedagogy and Psychology

Main Press


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