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Street:Dmytrivska Street, 92-94


Province:Kyiv Region

Post Code:01135

Tel.:+380(44) 492-80-12 +380(67) 434-72-06

Fax:+380(44) 492-80-11


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Founded 1996 as an English-language Master’s Programme in Economics by the Economic Education and Research Consortium (EERC) and the Eurasia Foundation. Acquired current status and title 2006. Quality certification o the Master’s program in Economic Analysis was confirmed by the University of Houston, that considers the School as its foreign campus 2007. Governed (Board of Directors, International Academic Board and Management Team) by its alumni since 2015

Academic Year

September to June (September to December)



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MON); CEEMAN Accreditation

top Officers

Head : Olesia Verchenko

Job title:Acting President

International Relations Officer : Natalia Zaika

Job title:Head of Academic Department

top Divisions

Department/Division : Business

Fields of study:Business Administration

More details:KSE Business Education provides a set of products: MBA program, Master of Business and Management in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, Master in Digital Transformation and Business Analytics.

Department/Division : Economics

Fields of study:Economics

More details:KSE is unique in Ukraine for its economics program taught entirely English, using English-language textbooks and other teaching materials. Economics department has a dual degree program with the University of Houston.

Department/Division : Policy Research

More details:KSE Policy Research produces international quality advanced academic analysis and policy advice to support building the intellectual foundation for a strong and innovative economy of Ukraine.

Department/Division : Public Policy and Governance

Fields of study:Government

More details:KSE provides a new content of professionalism in the public sector through high-quality training of public servants and implements new approaches to policy analysis in Ukraine.

top Degrees

Dyplom Magistra

Fields of study:Business Administration, Economics, Government

Dyplom Doktora Filosofii

Fields of study:Agricultural Economics


Also MBA in Management, Business Administration and Management in Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing (MBAI+MBA/MBAI); students are eligible to get a University of Houston diploma (in a case of satisfactory academic progress) if they are studying in MA programs in economics, business and finance economics, and mathematical economics and econometrics

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Modern Economic Studies

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Statistics Year:2018-2019

Full Time Total:15

Staff with Doctorate

Full Time Total:26


Statistics Year:2018-2019


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