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Street:PO Box 34110
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Created 2010 by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development. Offers mostly postgraduate education.

Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE)

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Head : Ahmad M. Hasnah

Job title:President

top Divisions

College : Health and Life Science

Fields of study:Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedicine, Genetics

College : Humanities and Social Studies

Fields of study:Information Management, Translation and Interpretation, Women's Studies

College : Islamic Studies

Fields of study:Architecture, Finance, Fine Arts, Islamic Studies

College : Law and Public Policy

Fields of study:Law

College : Science and Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Health Administration, Information Sciences, Transport Management

Institute : Qatar Biomedical Research Institute

Fields of study:Biomedicine

More details:QBRI

Institute : Qatar Computing Research Institute

Fields of study:Computer Science

More details:QCRI

Institute : Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute

Fields of study:Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering

More details:QEERI

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Computer Engineering

Master's degree

Fields of study:Architecture, Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedicine, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Finance, Genetics, Health Administration, Islamic Studies, Translation and Interpretation, Transport Management, Women's Studies


Fields of study:Biomedicine, Computer Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Finance, Genetics, Transport Management


Also JD in Law (three-year programme following a Bachelor's degree)

Updated on 03-12-2018