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Street:Amoud Valley, Borama, Awdal,



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Founded 1998.

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid

Job title:President

Senior Administrative Officer : Suleiman Hassan Ali

Job title:Chief Registrar

top Divisions

College : Health sciences

Fields of study:Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medical Technology, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology, Surgery

Faculty : Agriculture and Environment

Fields of study:Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Crop Production, Environmental Studies, Horticulture, Water Science

Faculty : Business and Public Administration

Fields of study:Business Administration, Public Administration

Faculty : Computing and ICT

Fields of study:Computer Science, Information Technology

Faculty : Economics and Political Science

Fields of study:Economics, Political Sciences

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry, Education, Mathematics Education, Physics, Science Education, Social Studies

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Engineering

Faculty : Shari’a and Law

Fields of study:Islamic Law, Law

School : Post Graduate Studies and Research

Fields of study:Business Administration, Education, Health Sciences, Law, Natural Sciences

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Business Administration, Education, Law, Natural Sciences

Masters degree

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Education, Law, Natural Sciences


Also Postgraduate Diploma Program

Updated on 27-10-2017