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Street:BP E 2341
Baco-djicoroni Golf ACI Adeken Rue 882, Port N°7


Tel.:+223 78 24 37 66;+223 66 03 69 84


Institution Funding


Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

top Officers

Head : Ahmed Touré

Job title:Président

top Divisions

Course/Programme : Business Administration

Fields of study:Business Administration

Course/Programme : Computer System Management and Telecommunication Networks

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Information Technology

Course/Programme : Food Industry Management

Fields of study:Agriculture, Business Administration

Course/Programme : Hospitality Management

Fields of study:Hotel Management, Tourism

Course/Programme : Logistics and Transports

Fields of study:Transport Management

Course/Programme : Management Science

Fields of study:Business Administration

Course/Programme : Mining and Petroleum Industry Management

Fields of study:Mining Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Course/Programme : Show Business and Broadcast Media Management

Fields of study:Mass Communication

Course/Programme : Solar Energy and Sustainable Development

Fields of study:Energy Engineering, Environmental Management

top Degrees

Master (LMD)

Fields of study:Agriculture, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Management, Hotel Management, Information Technology, Mass Communication, Mining Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Tourism, Transport Management

Doctorat (LMD)

Fields of study:Business Administration

Updated on 12-10-2017