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Street:Wadada warshadaha
P.O.Box 630



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Created 1999 as an institute of higher learning and acquired university status in 2011

Academic Year

September to June



top Officers

Head : Dahir Hassan Abdi

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed

Job title:Deputy Rector, Academic

International Relations Officer : Abdikarim Mohaidin Ahmed

Job title:Director for International Cooperation

top Divisions

Faculty : Computing

Fields of study:Business Computing, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Information Technology

Faculty : Economics

Fields of study:Agricultural Economics, Economics, International Business, Public Administration, Statistics

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Education, Educational Administration, Humanities and Social Science Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Islamic Law, Law

Faculty : Management Sciences

Fields of study:Accountancy, Banking, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Transport Management

Faculty : Medicine and Health Sciences

Fields of study:Medicine, Microbiology, Midwifery, Nursing, Public Health

Faculty : Social Sciences

Fields of study:Communication Arts, Development Studies, International Relations and Diplomacy, Media Studies, Public Administration, Social Work

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Agricultural Economics, Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Development Studies, Economics, Educational Administration, Electrical Engineering, Finance, Humanities and Social Science Education, Information Technology, International Business, International Relations and Diplomacy, Law, Mathematics Education, Media Studies, Medicine, Microbiology, Midwifery, Nursing, Public Administration, Public Health, Science Education, Social Work, Statistics, Telecommunications Engineering, Transport Management

Masters degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Computer Networks, Finance, International Relations and Diplomacy, Marketing, Social Policy


The following also awarded by Open University of Malaysia: Master of Business Administration (MBA); Master of Project Management (MPM); Master of Information Technology and Networking; Master of Education; Master of Software Engineering; Postgraduate Diploma in Education


Statistics Year:2020-2021

Foreign Total:3600

Updated on 01-07-2021