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Street:BP 238
Avenue Buconyori
Ngagara Q2


Tel.:+(257) 22-23-7973


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Mweya Campus at Gitega

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Created 2003.

Accrediting Agency

Minister of Education, Higher education and Research

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Head : Sylvain Nzohabonayo

Job title:Rector

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Faculty : Arts and Sciences

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Clinical Psychology, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Holy Writings, Psychology, Social and Community Services, Social Psychology, Social Work, Theology

Faculty : Business and Professional Studies

Fields of study:Accountancy, Banking, Business Administration, Economics, Information Management, Law, Marketing, Political Sciences

Faculty : Educational Sciences

Fields of study:Education, Foreign Languages Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Special Education

Faculty : Engineering and Technology

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Rural Planning, Telecommunications Engineering, Town Planning

Faculty : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Anaesthesiology, Dentistry, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Public Health

top Degrees

Doctorat en Médecine

Fields of study:Medicine, Stomatology


Fields of study:Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Education, International Law, Law, Nursing, Rural Planning, Social and Community Services, Theology, Town Planning

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