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Street:Hviezdoslavovo nám 18


Post Code:814 37


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Also Branch in Ružomberok

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Founded as Academy of Fine Arts 1949

Academic Year

October to June (October-January; February-May)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (maturitné vysvedcenie), and entrance examination



Accrediting Agency

Accreditation Commission of the Slovak Republic

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Bohunka Koklesová

Job title:Rektor

Senior Administrative Officer : Jana Hojstričová

Job title:Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

International Relations Officer : Marcel Benčík

Job title:Vice-Rector for International Cooperation

top Divisions

Department/Division : Applied Arts

Fields of study:Ceramic Art, Glass Art, Jewellery Art

Department/Division : Architecture

Fields of study:Architecture

Department/Division : Conservation and Restoration

Fields of study:Architectural Restoration, Restoration of Works of Art

Department/Division : Design

Fields of study:Communication Arts, Design, Visual Arts

Department/Division : Drawing

Fields of study:Painting and Drawing

Department/Division : Intermedia and Multimedia

Fields of study:Media Studies, Multimedia

Department/Division : Painting and Other Media

Fields of study:Painting and Drawing

Department/Division : Photography and New Media

Fields of study:Photography

Department/Division : Printmaking and Other Media

Fields of study:Printing and Printmaking

Department/Division : Sculpture, Object, Installation

Fields of study:Sculpture

Department/Division : Textile

Fields of study:Fashion Design, Textile Design

Department/Division : Theory and History of Art

Fields of study:Architecture, Art History, Fine Arts

Department/Division : Visual Communication

Fields of study:Communication Studies, Visual Arts

top Degrees


Fields of study:Design, Fine Arts


Fields of study:Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, Media Studies, Multimedia, Painting and Drawing, Performing Arts, Photography, Printing and Printmaking, Restoration of Works of Art, Sculpture, Textile Design, Visual Arts


Fields of study:Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, Restoration of Works of Art

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