Slovak Republic

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Street:P.O. Box 440
Šafárikovo námestie 6

City:Bratislava 1

Post Code:814 99


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Founded 1919, the oldest university in the Slovak Republic. Follows the traditions of Academia Istropolitana, established 1467, renamed The Slovak University 1939, and acquired present title 1954

Academic Year

September to August

Admission Requirements

High school graduation certificate



Accrediting Agency

Accreditation Commission of the Government of the Slovak Republic

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Marek Števček

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Zuzana Kovacicova

Job title:Vice-Rector for Education and Social Affairs

International Relations Officer : Jozef Tancer

Job title:Vice-Rector for International Relations

top Divisions

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Education, Teacher Training

More details:FEDU CU

Faculty : Evangelical Theology

Fields of study:Protestant Theology, Theology

More details:FEVTH

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Law

More details:FLWA CU

Faculty : Management

Fields of study:Management

More details:FM CU

Faculty : Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

Fields of study:Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics

More details:FMPH CU

Faculty : Medicine

Fields of study:Medicine

More details:Jessenius, Martin - JFMED CU

Faculty : Medicine

Fields of study:Medicine

More details:FMED CU

Faculty : Natural Sciences

Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Geography, Geology, Natural Sciences

More details:FNS CU

Faculty : Pharmacy

Fields of study:Pharmacy

Faculty : Philosophy

Fields of study:Philosophy

More details:FPHIL CU

Faculty : Physical Education and Sports

Fields of study:Physical Education, Sports

More details:FSPORT CU

Faculty : Social and Economic Sciences

Fields of study:Economics, Social Sciences

More details:FSES CU

Institute : Roman Catholic Theology

Fields of study:Catholic Theology, Theology

More details:FRCTH CU

top Degrees


Fields of study:Computer Science, Economics, European Studies, Law, Management, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Theology

Doktor lekárstva/ Magister/ Inžinier

Fields of study:Dentistry, Medicine


Fields of study:Economics, European Studies, Psychology


Fields of study:European Studies, Psychology

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Comenius Publishing House

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