Costa Rica

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Street:Apartado 7637

City:San José

Post Code:1000


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Campuses in Nicoya, Ciudad Neilly, San Ramón de Alajuela, and Guápiles.

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Founded 1976 as an independent institution authorized by the government. Includes eight independent self-governing Colleges.

Academic Year

January to December (January-April; May-August; September-December)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (bachillerato) or foreign equivalent, and entrance examination



Accrediting Agency

Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Universitaria Privada (CONESUP)

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Guillermo Malavassi Vargas

Job title:Rector

top Divisions

Faculty : Architecture

Fields of study:Architecture

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Surveying and Mapping

Faculty : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy

Faculty : Humanities

Fields of study:History, Library Science, Philology, Philosophy, Physical Education, Psychology, Theology

Faculty : Social Sciences

Fields of study:Administration, Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, Journalism, Law, Tourism

top Degrees

Bachillerato Universitario

Fields of study:Architecture, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law


Fields of study:Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Economics, Education, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, International Relations and Diplomacy, Journalism, Law, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Philology, Philosophy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Public Relations, Tourism

Especialidad Profesional

Fields of study:Notary Studies


Fields of study:Advertising and Publicity, Business Administration, Education, Environmental Management, Industrial Engineering, Law, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Public Relations

Doctorado Académico

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law

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