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Street:ul. "Emanuil Chakarov" 2


Post Code:5250


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Branches in Loveč, Plovdiv, Botevgrad, College of Economics and Management, Svishtov

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Founded in 1936 by donation as a Higher Institute of Finance and Economics. The institution acquired present status and title in 1995

Academic Year

September to June; Autumn semester (September-December); Spring semester (February-June)

Admission Requirements

Bachelor Programmes: EU students - Diploma of secondary education and entrance exam, Non-EU students - Diploma of secondary education; Master Programmes: EU and non-EU students – Diploma of higher education; Doctoral Programmes: EU and non-EU students, Master Degree

Tuition Fees

National:Bachelor, Full-time: 420 per annum; Part-time: 380 per year. Master, Full-time: 460 per annum. Distance programmes: 1,700-1,750 per annum. Doctoral Programmes, Full-time and part-time: 800 per annum. Fees also apply to EU students (BGN)

International:Bachelor, Full-time: 2,600 per annum. Master, full-time: 2,600 per annum, distance learning: 2,700 per annum. Doctoral studies, Full-time: 2,900 per annum, Part-time: 2,200 per annum (EUR)



Accrediting Agency

National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA); Lloyd Register Quality Assurance

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Mariana Bozhinova

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Lyubcho Varamezov

Job title:Vice-Rector, Educational Affairs and Accreditation

International Relations Officer : Marusya Smokova

Job title:Director, Centre for International Affairs

top Divisions

Faculty : Economic Accounting

Fields of study:Accountancy, Economic History, Mathematics, Physical Education, Sports, Statistics

Faculty : Finance

Fields of study:Banking, Economics, Finance, Foreign Languages Education, Insurance, Social Welfare

Faculty : Industrial and Commercial Business

Fields of study:Agricultural Economics, Business and Commerce, Industrial Management, Law, Social Sciences, Sociology, Tourism

Faculty : Management and Marketing

Fields of study:Business Administration, Business Computing, International Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, Management, Marketing

top Degrees


Fields of study:Accountancy, Agricultural Economics, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Business Computing, Economic History, Economics, Finance, Industrial Management, Insurance, International Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, Management, Marketing, Public Administration, Social Welfare, Statistics, Tourism


Fields of study:Accountancy, Agricultural Business, Banking, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Business Computing, Economics, Finance, Health Administration, Human Resources, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Insurance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Public Administration, Regional Planning, Social Sciences, Statistics, Tourism


Fields of study:Accountancy, Agricultural Economics, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Demography and Population, Economics, Finance, Insurance, International Economics, Management, Marketing, Political Sciences, Public Administration, Social Sciences, Statistics, Tourism

top Academic Periodicals


Annual Book of the D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics

Business Management


Doctoral Scientific Research Almanac

Economic Archive

Economic World Library

Economics 21

Narodostopanski Archiv

Scientific Research Almanac

Main Press

'D. Čenov' Publishing House

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