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Founded 1551 as 'Collegium Romanum' by Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Borgia. Constituted as University by Pope Julius III, 1553. The Institution developed considerably under Pope Gregory XIII, who is considered to be 'founder and father' of the University which now bears his name. Depends directly on the Holy See and administration is entrusted to the Society of Jesus. The Grand Chancellor is the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation of Studies and the Vice-Grand Chancellor the Superior-General of the Society of Jesus. Juridical recognition is granted to the University by the government of Italy

Academic Year

October to May (October-January; February-May)

Admission Requirements

Completed classical secondary education and, where necessary, additional preparatory studies to meet Faculty requirements

Tuition Fees

National:2.160 - 3.900 per annum (EUR)



Religious Affiliation


top Officers

Head : Nuno da Silva Gonçalves

Job title:Rettore

Senior Administrative Officer : P. Mark A. Lewis

Job title:Vice Rettore

top Divisions

Centre : Cardinal Bae Center for Judaic Studies

Fields of study:Christian Religious Studies, Comparative Religion, History of Religion, Judaic Religious Studies

Centre : Center for Child Protection

Fields of study:Welfare and Protective Services

Centre : Center for Formators to the Priesthood and Religious Life

Fields of study:Religious Practice

Centre : Faith and Culture

Fields of study:Religious Studies, Theology

Centre : Gregorian Center for Interreligious Studies

Fields of study:Comparative Religion

Faculty : Canon Law

Fields of study:Canon Law

Faculty : History and Cultural Heritage of the Church

Fields of study:Art History, Heritage Preservation, Museum Studies, Religious Studies

Faculty : Missiology

Fields of study:Pastoral Studies

Faculty : Philosophy

Fields of study:Philosophy

Faculty : Social Sciences

Fields of study:Anthropology, Economics, Journalism, Media Studies, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Sociology

Faculty : Theology

Fields of study:Theology

Institute : Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

Institute : Spirituality

Fields of study:Theology

top Degrees


Fields of study:Missionary Studies, Psychology, Social Sciences, Theology


Fields of study:Canon Law, Christian Religious Studies, Missionary Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Sciences, Theology


Fields of study:Canon Law, Christian Religious Studies, Missionary Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Sciences, Theology

top Academic Periodicals


Acta Nuntiaturae Gallicae

Analecta Gregoriana

Archivum Historiae Pontificiae

Documenta Missionalia


Interreligious and Cultural Investigation

Miscellanea Historiae Pontificiae

Periodica de re morali, canonica, liturgica

Studia Missionalia

Studia Sociala

Tesi Gregoriana

Main Press

Editrice della Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana

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