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Street:Vasvári Pál utca 4


Post Code:7622

Tel.:+36(7) 250 1500

Fax:+36(7) 250 1508


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Founded 1921, formerly Academy of Law established 1785, and succeeding University of Pécs founded 1367 by King Louis I. Faculties of Theology and Medicine detached and re-established as separate Institutions 1949 and 1951. Faculty of Teacher Training incorporated and acquired present title 1982. Due to changes in the Hungarian higher education system, Janus Pannonius University Pécs, Pécs University Medical School and Illyés Gyula College of Education, Szekszárd merged as University of Pécs and acquired present status and title 2000. A state institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture and Education and part of the Ministry of Health and financed by the State

Academic Year

September to May (September-December; February-May)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (érettségi bizonyítvány) or equivalent and entrance examination

Tuition Fees

National:Tuition, c. 2,000-8600 per semester (USD)



Accrediting Agency

Hungarian Educational Authority (Oktatási Hivatal)

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Attila Miseta

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Zoltán Jenei

Job title:Chancellor

International Relations Officer : István Tarrósy

Job title:Director of Relations and Internationalization

International Relations Officer : József Betlehem

Job title:Deputy General, Strategic and Liaison Rector

top Divisions

Centre : Asia

Fields of study:Asian Studies

Centre : Balkan Studies

Fields of study:Eastern European Studies

Centre : European Studies

Fields of study:European Studies, Social Sciences

Centre : Francophone

Fields of study:French Studies

Centre : Latin American

Fields of study:Latin American Studies

Faculty : Adult Education and Human Resources Development

Fields of study:Adult Education, Human Resources

Faculty : Business and Economics

Fields of study:Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Economics, Management, Marketing

Faculty : Engineering and Information Technology

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering

More details:Mihály Pollack

Faculty : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Health Administration, Health Sciences, Public Health

Faculty : Humanities

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Communication Studies, Education, English, Ethnology, History, Linguistics, Literature, Psychology, Slavic Languages

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Civil Law, European Union Law, International Law, Labour Law, Law, Public Law

Faculty : Music and Visual Arts

Fields of study:Fine Arts, Music, Musical Instruments, Painting and Drawing, Performing Arts, Sculpture, Singing

Faculty : Sciences

Fields of study:Botany, Chemistry, Genetics, Geography, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physical Education, Physics, Sports Medicine, Zoology

Institute : Teacher Training

Fields of study:Educational Sciences, Teacher Training

School : Medicine

Fields of study:Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy

top Degrees


Fields of study:American Studies, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Dietetics, Earth Sciences, Electrical Engineering, English Studies, Geography, German, International Relations, Mathematics, Midwifery, Nursing, Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Physics, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Social Work, Tourism


Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Architecture, Biology, Biotechnology, Ceramic Art, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Conducting, Dentistry, English Studies, Geography, German, Human Resources, International Relations, Leisure Studies, Management, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physics, Psychology, Singing, Small Business

Doktori oklevél

Fields of study:Architecture, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, English, Health Sciences, Law, Medicine, Neurosciences, Pharmacology, Physics, Regional Planning


Architecture, Dentistry and Medical programmes are a one-tier Master programme in 5-6 years. Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy are also taught in English and German

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