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Street:EspaƱa Street

City:City of Manila

Province:First District, Metro Manila

Post Code:1015


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Founded 1611 as College of Our Lady of the Rosary by the Most Rev. Fr. Miguel de Benavides, O.P., Archbishop of Manila and the Dominican Fathers. Became College of Santo Tomas 1616. Royal confirmation granted 1785 by the Spanish Government. In 1902 Pope Leo XIII decreed and granted the title of Pontifical University. Pope Pius XII granted the title of Catholic University of the Philippines in 1947. A private Institution under the supervision of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (for elementary and high school levels) and Commission on Higher Education (for college level).

Academic Year

June to March (June-October; November-March)

Admission Requirements

Graduation from high school or equivalent approved by the Government Bureau of Private Schools and entrance examination



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Student Body


top Officers

Head : Hermino V. Dagohoy

Job title:Rector

top Divisions

Centre : Applied Ethics

Fields of study:Ethics

More details:CAE

Centre : Conservation of Cultural Property and Environment in the Tropics

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies

More details:CCCPET

Centre : Creative Writing and Studies

Fields of study:Writing

More details:CCWS

Centre : Education and Research Development

Fields of study:Development Studies, Education

More details:CERD

Centre : Social Research

Fields of study:Social Studies

More details:SRC

College : Accountancy

Fields of study:Accountancy

College : Architecture

Fields of study:Architecture

College : Commerce and Business Administration

Fields of study:Banking, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing

College : Education

Fields of study:Dietetics, Education, Food Technology, Information Sciences, Library Science, Nutrition, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, Teacher Training

College : Fine Arts and Design

Fields of study:Advertising and Publicity, Design, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Painting and Drawing

College : Nursing

Fields of study:Nursing

College : Rehabilitation Sciences

Fields of study:Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Audiology, Sports

College : Science

Fields of study:Actuarial Science, Applied Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology, Psychology

College : Tourism and Hospitality Management

Fields of study:Hotel and Restaurant, Hotel Management, Tourism

Conservatory : Music

Fields of study:Conducting, Music, Music Education, Music Theory and Composition, Musical Instruments, Singing

Faculty : Arts and Letters

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Asian Studies, Behavioural Sciences, Communication Arts, Communication Studies, Economics, Journalism, Justice Administration, Literature, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Sociology

Faculty : Civil Law

Fields of study:Administrative Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Insurance, International Law, Labour Law, Political Sciences, Private Law, Public Law

Faculty : Ecclesiastical Studies

Fields of study:Canon Law, Pastoral Studies, Philosophy, Theology

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering

Faculty : Medicine and Surgery

Fields of study:Anaesthesiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Community Health, Dermatology, Epidemiology, Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Histology, Medicine, Microbiology, Neurology, Neurosciences, Nutrition, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatrics, Parasitology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Radiology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Social and Preventive Medicine, Surgery

Faculty : Pharmacy

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Botany, Medical Technology, Pharmacy

Institute : Physical Education and Athletics

Fields of study:Physical Education, Sports

Institute : Technological Courses

Fields of study:Electronic Engineering, Management, Technology

Research Division : Ecclesiastical Sciences

Fields of study:Religious Studies

More details:John Paul II - JPIIRCES

Research Division : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Health Sciences

More details:RCHS

Research Division : Movement Science

Fields of study:Natural Sciences

More details:CRMS

Research Division : Natural Sciences

Fields of study:Natural Sciences

More details:RCNS

School : Graduate

Fields of study:Accountancy, Advertising and Publicity, Applied Physics, Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Banking, Biological and Life Sciences, Biology, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Canon Law, Chemistry, Civil Law, Clinical Psychology, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Curriculum, Development Studies, Economics, Education, Educational Administration, Educational and Student Counselling, Engineering, English, Ethics, Finance, Fine Arts, Food Science, Health Administration, Health Education, Heritage Preservation, History, Human Resources, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Law, Library Science, Literature, Management, Management Systems, Marketing, Mathematics Education, Medical Technology, Microbiology, Music, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Oriental Studies, Pastoral Studies, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physical Therapy, Political Sciences, Psychology, Public Administration, Religious Studies, Science Education, Social Sciences, Theology, Writing

top Degrees

Certificate/ Diploma

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Architecture, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Information Management, Information Technology, Law, Music, Nursing, Pharmacy

Postgraduate Certificate/ Diploma

Fields of study:Medicine

Master's Degree


Fields of study:Biology, Business and Commerce, Chemistry, Curriculum, Development Studies, Economics, Educational Administration, Educational and Student Counselling, English, History, Human Resources, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Psychology, Public Administration, Theology

top Academic Periodicals



Acta Manilana

Boletin Eclesiastico

Chemical Bulletin

College of Science Journal

Journal of Graduate Research

Journals of Medicine, Nursing, Law, Education, Commerce

Medical Forum

Pax Roman Bulletin

Philippiniana Sacra

Purple Gazette

Research Report

The Flame

The Varsitarian

Thomasian Engineer




Main Press

UST Publishing House

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