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Street:Ateities street 20


Province:Vilnius district

Post Code:08303

Tel.:+370(5) 271 4739

Fax:+370(5) 267 6000


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Founded 1990. Renamed Lietuvos Teisės Universitetas (Law University of Lithuania) 2000. Acquired present title and status 2004

Academic Year

September to June (September-January; February-June)

Admission Requirements

Certificate of Secondary Education (Brandos Atestatas). Students are admitted according to average marks in selected exams, plus the average of annual marks in relative subjects. Admission requirements for overseas students are to be found on the university website.

Tuition Fees

National:National and EU citizens: Undergraduate Programmes, 1668-2880 per year. Graduate Programmes, 2624-6000 per annum (EUR)

International:Non-EU citizens: Undergraduate Programmes, 2160-2880 per year. Graduate Programmes, 2624-6240 per annum (EUR)



Accrediting Agency

Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Inga Žalėnienė

Job title:Rector

International Relations Officer : Audra Dargyte-Burokiene

Job title:Head of International Office

International Relations Officer : Eglė Šimkutė

Job title:Manager for Communication and Marketing

top Divisions

Faculty : Economics and Business

Fields of study:Banking, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, International Business, International Studies, Management, Software Engineering, Taxation

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Administrative Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, European Union Law, History of Law, International Law, International Studies, Labour Law, Law, Private Law, Public Law

Faculty : Public Governance

Fields of study:Environmental Management, International Studies, Management, Political Sciences, Public Administration

Faculty : Public Security

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Criminal Law, Criminology, Law, Physical Education, Police Studies, Protective Services, Public Administration

Institute : Communication

Fields of study:Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, International Studies

Institute : Educational Sciences and Social Work

Fields of study:Education, Educational Technology, International Studies, Law, Leisure Studies, Pedagogy, Social and Community Services, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology

Institute : Humanities

Fields of study:Baltic Languages, Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Modern Languages, Norwegian, Philosophy, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Institute : Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

top Degrees

Bakalauro diplomas

Fields of study:Computer Science, Economics, Law, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work

Magistro diplomas

Fields of study:Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Economics, Educational Sciences, Finance, Human Resources, Law, Management, Political Sciences, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology

Daktaro diplomas

Fields of study:Economics, Educational Sciences, Law, Management, Psychology

top Academic Periodicals


Business systems & Economics

Health Policy and Management

Intellectual Economics


Public Policy and Administration

Social Inquiry Into Well-Being

Social Technologies

Social Work

Societal Studies


Statistics Year:2017-2018


Updated on 12-08-2020