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Founded 1962, replacing the Institut national d'Etudes supérieures, founded 1961. Acquired present status and title 1993. A State institution.

Academic Year

October to August (October-February; March-August)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (baccalauréat) or foreign equivalent, and entrance examination (for Teacher Training, Medicine and Engineering)



Accrediting Agency

Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Maurice Aurélien Sosso

Job title:Recteur

Senior Administrative Officer : Jean-Emmanuel Pondi

Job title:Secrétaire général

International Relations Officer : Emmanuel Tonye

Job title:Vice-recteur, Recherche, Coopération, et Relations avec le Monde des Entreprises

top Divisions

Centre : Biotechnology

Fields of study:Biotechnology

Centre : Information Technology

Fields of study:Information Technology

Faculty : Arts, Letters and Social Sciences

Fields of study:African Languages, African Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Arts and Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, English, Fine Arts, French, Geography (Human), German, History, Hotel and Restaurant, Italian, Linguistics, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Tourism

More details:FALSH

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Curriculum, Education, Educational Administration, Educational and Student Counselling, Educational Sciences, Educational Testing and Evaluation, Special Education

Faculty : Medicines and Biomedical Studies

Fields of study:Alternative Medicine, Anaesthesiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedicine, Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Diabetology, Endocrinology, Epidemiology, Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, Gastroenterology, Gerontology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Haematology, Health Administration, Hepatology, Medical Auxiliaries, Medical Parasitology, Medical Technology, Medicine, Microbiology, Midwifery, Nephrology, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatrics, Parasitology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physiology, Plastic Surgery, Pneumology, Podiatry, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Public Health, Radiology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Rheumatology, Surgery, Tropical Medicine, Urology, Venereology, Virology

More details:FSMB

Faculty : Science

Fields of study:Agrobiology, Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Environmental Management, Geology, Inorganic Chemistry, Mathematics, Multimedia, Natural Resources, Natural Sciences, Organic Chemistry, Parasitology, Pest Management, Petrology, Physics, Physiology, Plant and Crop Protection, Seismology, Statistics, Waste Management, Wildlife, Zoology

More details:FS

Institute : Wood Technology

Fields of study:Wood Technology

More details:IUT

School : Polytechnic

Fields of study:Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Technology, Telecommunications Engineering, Urban Studies

More details:Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique (ENSP)

School : Teacher Training

Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Education, Educational Sciences, English, Foreign Languages Education, French, Geography, Geology, History, Mathematics Education, Philosophy, Physics, Secondary Education, Teacher Training

More details:Ecole normale supérieure (ENS)

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree/ Licence

Diplôme de professeur d'enseignement secondaire de premier grade

Fields of study:African Languages, Biology, Chemistry, Classical Languages, Computer Science, French, German, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Physics, Spanish

Diplôme de professeur d’enseignement normal de premier grade

Fields of study:Educational Sciences

Diplôme d'Ingénieur de Conception

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering

Docteur en Médecine

Fields of study:Medicine

Diplôme de professeur d'enseignement secondaire de deuxième grade

Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, German, History, Information Technology, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Spanish

Diplôme de professeur d’enseignement normal de deuxième grade

Fields of study:Educational Sciences


Fields of study:African Languages, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, English, French, Geography, German, History, Hotel Management, Inorganic Chemistry, Linguistics, Mathematics, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Tourism

Doctor of Philosophy/ Doctorat

Fields of study:African Languages, African Studies, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, English, Environmental Studies, French, Geography, German, Health Sciences, Hotel Management, Inorganic Chemistry, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Philosophy, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Spanish, Tourism

top Academic Periodicals


Annales de la FALSH

Annales de la FS

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