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Founded 1907 as Sudan's first school for girls, became Ahfad Schools in 1930s. Evolved into Ahfad University College for Women 1966, acquired university status 1995.

Academic Year

July to May (July-November; December-May)

Admission Requirements

Sudan Secondary School Certificate, or its equivalent, which involves pass in at least seven subjects including English and Arabic Languages, Religious Studies, and Mathematics. The other three subjects depend on the school targeted.

Tuition Fees

National:1,000-1,500 per annum; except Medicine, 6,000 per annum and Pharmacy, 5,000 per annum. (USD)



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Gasim Yousif Badri

Job title:President

Senior Administrative Officer : Abdel Gadir El Nasri

Job title:Vice-President for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Senior Administrative Officer : Amna Elsadik Badri

Job title:Vice President for Academic Affairs

Senior Administrative Officer : Faisal Abas

Job title:Public Relations Officer

Senior Administrative Officer : Mustafa Khogali

Job title:Director, Sustainable Development

International Relations Officer : Nafisa Bedri

Job title:Director, International and External Relations Office

top Divisions

Centre : Ahfad Centre for Science and Technology

Fields of study:Science Education

More details:ACST

Centre : Nutrition Centre for Training and Research (NHCTR)

Fields of study:Hygiene, Nutrition

Institute : Ahfad Institute of Languages

Fields of study:English, Foreign Languages Education

Institute : Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, Demography and Population, Development Studies, Gender Studies, Government, Peace and Disarmament, Social Sciences

School : Health Sciences

Fields of study:Diabetology, Dietetics, Health Education, Health Sciences, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Public Health

School : Management Studies

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Information Management, Information Technology, Management

School : Medicine

Fields of study:Health Sciences, Medicine

School : Pharmacy

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy

School : Psychology and Preschool Education

Fields of study:Bilingual and Bicultural Education, Educational and Student Counselling, International and Comparative Education, Preschool Education, Psychology

School : Rural Extension, Education and Development

Fields of study:Development Studies, Rural Planning, Rural Studies

More details:REED

Unit : Research and Grants

Unit : Teachers Research and Resources

Fields of study:Documentation Techniques

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Dietetics, Finance, Information Management, Information Technology, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Preschool Education, Psychology, Public Health

Postgraduate Diploma

Fields of study:Diabetology, English, Social Sciences

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Bilingual and Bicultural Education, Biotechnology, Demography and Population, Development Studies, Dietetics, Finance, Foreign Languages Education, Gender Studies, Government, Health Sciences, International and Comparative Education, Nutrition, Peace and Disarmament, Pharmacy, Psychology, Public Health, Rural Planning

Doctor of Philosophy

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Business Administration, Development Studies, English, Gender Studies, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Psychology, Public Health, Rural Studies


Also MBA

top Student & Staff Numbers


Statistics Year:2017-2018

Full Time Total:376

Staff with Doctorate

Full Time Total:192


Statistics Year:2017-2018


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