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Street:The Mall, Old Presidency


Post Code:46000


Institution Funding



Founded 1998

Academic Year

September to June (September-January; February-June)

Admission Requirements

A-Levels and Intermediate

Tuition Fees

National:Bachelor/Master's degree programmes, 36100 for a year. (PKR)



Accrediting Agency

Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

Religious Affiliation


Student Body


top Officers

Head : Saima Hamid

Job title:Vice-Chancellor

Senior Administrative Officer : Sadaf Ahmad

Job title:Deputy Registrar, Administration

top Divisions

Centre : Information Technology

Fields of study:Information Technology

Centre : Resource centre murree (RCM)

Fields of study:Education

Centre : Women Research and Resource (WRRC)

Fields of study:Gender Studies

Department/Division : Behavioral Sciences

Fields of study:Anthropology, Behavioural Sciences, Psychology, Sociology

Department/Division : Business Administration

Fields of study:Finance, Human Resources, Marketing

Department/Division : Commerce

Fields of study:Business and Commerce

Department/Division : Communication and Media Studies

Fields of study:Mass Communication, Telecommunications Services

Department/Division : Computer Arts

Fields of study:Computer Graphics

Department/Division : Computer Science

Fields of study:Computer Science

Department/Division : Defense and Diplomatic Studies

Fields of study:Peace and Disarmament, Political Sciences

Department/Division : Economics

Fields of study:Economics

Department/Division : Education

Fields of study:Education

Department/Division : Electronic Engineering

Fields of study:Electronic Engineering

Department/Division : English

Fields of study:English, Linguistics, Literature

Department/Division : Environmental Sciences

Fields of study:Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies

Department/Division : Fine Arts

Fields of study:Fine Arts

Department/Division : Gender Studies

Fields of study:Gender Studies

Department/Division : Islamic Studies

Fields of study:Islamic Law, Islamic Studies, Islamic Theology

Department/Division : Law

Fields of study:Law

Department/Division : Mathematical Sciences

Fields of study:Mathematics

Department/Division : Physics

Fields of study:Physics

Department/Division : Public Administration

Fields of study:Public Administration

Department/Division : Software Engineering

Fields of study:Software Engineering

Department/Division : Urdu

Fields of study:Linguistics, Literature

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Behavioural Sciences, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Electronic Engineering, English, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Gender Studies, Islamic Law, Islamic Studies, Islamic Theology, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Peace and Disarmament, Physics, Psychology, Software Engineering

Master's Degree/ M. Phil

Fields of study:Behavioural Sciences, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Education, English, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Gender Studies, Islamic Studies, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Peace and Disarmament, Public Administration


Fields of study:Behavioural Sciences, Economics, Education, English, Environmental Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Psychology

top Academic Periodicals


Journal of Gender and Social Studies

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