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Street:Km 8, route d'El Jadida
BP 7731, Laymoune


Post Code:20000

Tel.:+212(522) 23-41-24

Fax:+212(522) 23-15-85


Institution Funding



Founded 1996.

Academic Year

September to June (September-January; February-June)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate; Preparatory classes graduation

Tuition Fees

National:20,000 per annum (accommodation and food are not included) (MAD)



Accrediting Agency

Ministère de l'Industrie; Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de la Formation professionnelle, de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique

top Officers

Head : Abderrahmane Farhate

Job title:CEO

International Relations Officer : Najib Hamouti

Job title:Head of Career Center

top Divisions

Course/Programme : Clothing Development

Fields of study:Clothing and Sewing, Textile Design

More details:Licence Professionnelle

Course/Programme : Computer Science and Systems Management

Fields of study:Computer Science, Systems Analysis

Course/Programme : Distribution and Merchandising

Fields of study:Marketing, Transport Management

More details:Master

Course/Programme : E-Logistics

Fields of study:E- Business/Commerce, Transport Management

More details:Master

Course/Programme : Executive MBA

Fields of study:Business Administration, Marketing, Transport Management

Course/Programme : Health, Safety and Environment

Fields of study:Environmental Management, Hygiene, Occupational Health

More details:Master

Course/Programme : Industrial Engineering

Fields of study:Clothing and Sewing, Industrial Engineering, International Business, Marketing, Textile Technology, Transport Management

Course/Programme : Management in Clothing Production

Fields of study:Management

More details:Licence Professionnelle

Course/Programme : Purchasing and Sourcing Management

Fields of study:Management, Retailing and Wholesaling

More details:Licence Professionnelle

Course/Programme : Supply Chain Management

Fields of study:Transport Management

More details:Licence Professionnelle

Course/Programme : Textile Production Management

Fields of study:Industrial Management

Department/Division : Continuig Education

Fields of study:Hotel and Restaurant, Hygiene, Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Management, Management, Safety Engineering, Textile Technology, Transport Management

top Degrees

Licence professionnelle

Fields of study:Management, Textile Design, Transport Management

Diplôme d'Ingénieur

Fields of study:Industrial Engineering, Textile Technology, Transport Management

Master spécialisé

Fields of study:E- Business/Commerce, Marketing, Occupational Health, Textile Technology, Transport Management


Also Mastère and Executive MBA

top Student & Staff Numbers


Statistics Year:2018-2019

Full Time Total:104

Staff with Doctorate

Full Time Total:13


Statistics Year:2018-2019


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