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Street:151, boulevard de l'Hôpital


Post Code:75013


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Also Teaching and Research Centres in Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Bordeaux, Châlons-en-Champagne, Chalon-sur-Saône, Chambéry, Cluny, Lille and Metz. ENSAM institutes in Bastia and Chambéry

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Founded 1780, became Ecole nationale supérieure 1963, Grande Ecole 1966, reorganized 1990. Became "Ecole nationale supérieure d'Arts et Métiers - Paris Tech" (ENSAM). Acquired present title 2007. Member of the HESAM Université by decree n° 2019-638 of June 24, 2019

Academic Year

September to June (September-February; March-June)

Admission Requirements

Competitive entrance examination following 2 yrs further study after secondary school certificate (baccalauréat) or following first university qualification (DUT, BTS, Maîtrise), or equivalent



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Laurent Champaney

Job title:Directeur général

Senior Administrative Officer : Alexandre Rigal

Job title:Directeur général adjoint

International Relations Officer : Audrey Stewart

Job title:Directeur des Relations internationales

top Divisions

Centre : Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

Fields of study:Industrial Engineering, Management, Mechanical Engineering

More details:Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Bordeaux-Talence, Châlons-en-Champagne, Cluny, Lille, Metz

Institute : Mechanics and Engineering (I2M)

Fields of study:Environmental Studies, Mechanical Engineering

More details:Bordeaux

Institute : Navy School (IRENAV)

Fields of study:Marine Engineering

More details:Anger/Brest

Laboratory : Biomechanics (LBM)

Fields of study:Mechanical Engineering

More details:Paris

Laboratory : Design, Manufacturing Processes and Control (LCFC)

Fields of study:Engineering Drawing and Design, Production Engineering

More details:Metz

Laboratory : Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics (L2EP)

Fields of study:Electrical Engineering

Laboratory : Electronics Engineering and Digital Imaging (LE2I)

Fields of study:Computer Graphics, Electronic Engineering

More details:Chalon-sur-Saône

Laboratory : Energetics and Internal Fluid Mechanics

Fields of study:Energy Engineering, Mechanics

Laboratory : Fluid Dynamics - (DynFluid)

Fields of study:Physics

More details:Paris

Laboratory : Information Technology and Systems (LSIS-INSM)

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Information Technology

More details:Aix-en-Provence/Lille

Laboratory : Materials Sciences and Processes - (LABOMAP)

Fields of study:Materials Engineering

More details:Cluny

Laboratory : Mechanical Engineering, Process and innovations - LAMPA

Fields of study:Mechanical Engineering

More details:Angers

Laboratory : Mechanics (LML)

Fields of study:Mechanical Engineering

More details:Lille

Laboratory : Mechanics, Surfaces, Materials Processing (MSMP)

Fields of study:Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

More details:Aix-en-Provence

Laboratory : Microstructure Studies and Mechanics of Materials - (LEM3)

Fields of study:Mechanics

More details:Metz

Laboratory : Process, Mechanical and Material Engineering (PIMM)

Fields of study:Materials Engineering, Polymer and Plastics Technology

Laboratory : Product Design and Innovation (LCPI)

Fields of study:Industrial Design

More details:Paris

top Degrees


Fields of study:Technology

Diplôme d'Ingénieur

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Energy Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Mastère spécialisé

Fields of study:Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Building Technologies, Energy Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Management, Maintenance Technology, Management, Safety Engineering


Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering

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