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Province:Eastern Province

Post Code:30350


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Founded 1981 as Batticaloa University College, acquired present status and title 1986.

Academic Year

January to November (January-May; July-November)

Admission Requirements

General Certificate of Education (GCE) with Advanced ('A') level in 3 subjects, with a total aggregate of not less than 135 and common general paper with a pass mark of 30%



top Officers

Head : T. Jayasingam

Job title:Vice-Chancellor

Senior Administrative Officer : A. Pahirathan

Job title:Acting Registrar

top Divisions

Campus : Trincomalee

Fields of study:Business Administration, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Information Management, Linguistics, Modern Languages, Physics, Traditional Eastern Medicine

Faculty : Agriculture

Fields of study:Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Agrobiology, Animal Husbandry, Crop Production, Food Technology

Faculty : Arts and Culture

Fields of study:Arabic, Child Care and Development, Comparative Religion, Cultural Studies, Education, Fine Arts, Geography, History, Islamic Studies, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Theatre

Faculty : Commerce and Management

Fields of study:Business and Commerce, Economics, Management

Faculty : Healthcare Sciences

Fields of study:Medicine, Nursing

More details:Batticaloa

Faculty : Science

Fields of study:Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology

Institute : Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies - SVIAS

Fields of study:Dance, Fine Arts

More details:Kallady, Batticaloa

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Agriculture, Botany, Business Administration, Chemistry, Economics, Education, Fine Arts, Geography, Human Resources, Marketing, Mathematics and Computer Science, Medicine, Nursing, Philosophy, Physics, Political Sciences, Sociology, Theatre, Zoology

Master's Degree (by coursework)

Fields of study:Business Administration, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Food Technology, Geography, Theatre

Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma

Fields of study:Management

Master of Philosophy

Fields of study:Comparative Religion, Fine Arts, Geography, Natural Sciences, Theatre


Fields of study:Fine Arts, Natural Sciences

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