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Street:Private Bag 1020
741 Chimurenga Road (off Trojan Mine Road)


Province:Mashonaland Central


Institution Funding



Founded 1995 as University of Zimbabwe College (University College of Science Education), Acquired present title and status 2000.

Academic Year

Fully semesterized with new intakes in March and August

Admission Requirements

General Certificate of Education with at least 2 ('A') level passes

Tuition Fees

National:All Diplomas and Certificates, 300 per semester; Master of Philosophy (All Faculties), 600 per semester; Doctor of Philosophy (All Faculties), 650 per semester; 750 per semester for Postgraduate programmes in Commerce (USD)



Accrediting Agency

Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE); Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Eddie Mwenje

Job title:Vice-Chancellor

Senior Administrative Officer : Majaure Pardon Neusu

Job title:Registrar

International Relations Officer : James J. Gutura

Job title:Director, Public Relations and Protocol

top Divisions

Faculty : Agriculture and Environmental Science

Fields of study:Agricultural Economics, Animal Husbandry, Crop Production, Environmental Studies

Faculty : Commerce

Fields of study:Accountancy, Banking, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Protective Services

Faculty : Science

Fields of study:Biological and Life Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Sports

Faculty : Science Education

Fields of study:Curriculum, Educational Sciences, Mathematics Education, Science Education

Faculty : Social Sciences and Humanities

Fields of study:Communication Studies, Government, Modern Languages, Peace and Disarmament, Social Work

top Degrees

National Certificate

Fields of study:Pastoral Studies, Psychology

National Diploma

Fields of study:Agriculture, Protective Services, Science Education

Bachelor Degree

Fields of study:Business Administration, Protective Services, Science Education

Bachelor Degree - Honours

Fields of study:Accountancy, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Animal Husbandry, Applied Mathematics, Banking, Biological and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Chemistry, Computer Education, Computer Science, Crop Production, Development Studies, Ecology, Economics, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Finance, Forestry, Geography, Government, Health Education, Health Sciences, Horticulture, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Mathematics Education, Natural Resources, Nursing, Peace and Disarmament, Physics, Protective Services, Science Education, Social Work, Sports, Sports Management, Statistics, Wildlife

Postgraduate Diploma

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Education, Statistics, Teacher Training

Master Degree

Fields of study:Analytical Chemistry, Biology, Business Administration, Curriculum, Forestry, Government, Inorganic Chemistry, International Relations and Diplomacy, Leadership, Peace and Disarmament, Physics, Science Education

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