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Street:P.O. Box 108
Rimal St


Province:Gaza Strip


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Founded 1978 as direct continuation of Palestine Religious Institute (Al-Azhar) in Gaza.

Academic Year

October to June (September-January; February-June). Also Summer Semester (July-August)

Admission Requirements

General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihi) or equivalent for Bachelor's degree; Bachelor's degree or Master's degree for Master's degree.

Tuition Fees

National: (USD)



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Higher Education

Religious Affiliation


Student Body


top Officers

Head : Nasser Ismail Farahat

Job title:President

Senior Administrative Officer : Aleyan Abdullah El-Holy

Job title:Vice-President for Academic Affairs

International Relations Officer : Nazmi Al-Masri

Job title:Assistant to Vice-President, External Relations

top Divisions

Centre : Aural History

Fields of study:Folklore, History, Social Studies

Centre : Continuing Education and Community Service

Fields of study:Development Studies, Social and Community Services

Centre : Environmental and Rural Studies

Fields of study:Ecology, Environmental Studies, Marine Science and Oceanography, Natural Resources, Rural Studies, Waste Management

Centre : Holy Koran

Fields of study:Islamic Studies, Koran

Centre : IT Affairs

Fields of study:Computer Networks, Computer Science, Information Technology

Faculty : Arts

Fields of study:Arabic, Archaeology, Arts and Humanities, English, Geography, History, Information Sciences, Journalism, Public Relations, Social and Community Services

Faculty : Commerce

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Economics, Political Sciences

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Arabic, Computer Education, Education, Educational and Student Counselling, Educational Technology, English, Foreign Languages Education, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Primary Education, Science Education, Social Studies

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Structural Architecture

Faculty : Fundamentals of Religion

Fields of study:Religion

Faculty : Information Technology

Fields of study:Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering

Faculty : Medicine

Fields of study:Medicine, Surgery

Faculty : Nursing

Fields of study:Health Sciences, Nursing

Faculty : Science

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Medical Technology, Natural Sciences, Optometry, Physics, Statistics

Faculty : Sharia and Law

Fields of study:Islamic Law, Islamic Theology, Koran, Law, Religious Education

Laboratory : Food Analysis

Fields of study:Food Science, Food Technology

Laboratory : Medical Technology

Fields of study:Medical Technology

Laboratory : Nursing Skills

Fields of study:Nursing

Laboratory : Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

Laboratory : Soil and Materials Testing

Fields of study:Building Technologies, Materials Engineering, Soil Science

Laboratory : Support Technology

Unit : Architecture Conservation and Urban Rehabilitation

Unit : Business Research and Studies

Unit : Energy Research and Development

Unit : Projects and Research

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Business and Commerce, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Information Technology, Islamic Theology, Nursing

Postgraduate Diploma

Fields of study:Education, Higher Education, Islamic Studies, Psychiatry and Mental Health

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Architecture, Biological and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Comparative Law, Computer Engineering, Curriculum, Design, Education, Finance, Islamic Law, Islamic Studies, Islamic Theology, Law, Literature, Mathematics, Modern History, Physics, Religion

top Academic Periodicals


University Research Journal

Main Press

Islamic University Press

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