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Street:Nidhal Street, Andalus Square, Karradah
P.O. Box 69005


Post Code:10067

Tel.:+964(781) 423-8373


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Founded 1988.



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

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Head : Abdul Rasul A. Jasim

Job title:President

International Relations Officer : Mahmoud Shuker Mahmoud

Job title:ICT Department Manager

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Centre : Information Communication Engineering

More details:International Academies (Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware) Test Centers (ETS TOEFL, Pearson VUE, Certiport)

Department/Division : Accounting and Banking Sciences

Fields of study:Accountancy, Banking, Business Administration, Business and Commerce, Commercial Law, Insurance, Real Estate, Taxation

Department/Division : Business Administration

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Finance, Institutional Administration, Leadership, Management, Management Systems, Marketing

Department/Division : Civil Engineering

Fields of study:Bridge Engineering, Construction Engineering, Geological Engineering, Road Engineering, Transport Engineering

Department/Division : Communication Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Microelectronics, Microwaves, Telecommunications Engineering

Department/Division : Computer Engineering

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Computer Networks, Data Processing, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Microelectronics, Multimedia, Software Engineering

Department/Division : Computer Science and Information Systems

Fields of study:Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Information Management, Information Technology, Operations Research, Statistics

Department/Division : Computer Technology Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering

Department/Division : Digital Media

Fields of study:Computer Science, Graphic Design, Media Studies

Department/Division : English

Fields of study:Applied Linguistics, English, Grammar, Philology, Phonetics, Psycholinguistics, Speech Studies, Terminology, Translation and Interpretation, Writing

Department/Division : Law

Fields of study:Administrative Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminology, History of Law, International Law, Islamic Law, Labour Law, Law, Public Law, Taxation

Department/Division : Medical Device Technology Engineering

Fields of study:Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Networks, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Microelectronics, Physical Engineering, Power Engineering

Department/Division : Physical Therapy

Fields of study:Physical Therapy

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Accountancy, Bioengineering, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Science, English, Law, Software Engineering

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Al-Mansour Scientific Journal

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Statistics Year:2018-2019

Full Time Total:120


Statistics Year:2018-2019



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