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Street:PO Box 53067
Ongata Rongal Area of Kajiado District


Province:+254(703) 970 520/5

Post Code:00200


Institution Funding



Founded 1993. Acquired present status 2002.



Accrediting Agency

Commission of University Education; International Board of Education

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Leah Marangu

Job title:Vice-Chancellor

Senior Administrative Officer : Peter Kangori

Job title:Dean of Students

Senior Administrative Officer : Rodney Reed

Job title:Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

top Divisions

Course/Programme : Counselling Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

Department/Division : Computer Science and Information Technology

Fields of study:Business Computing, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Information Technology

Department/Division : Education

Fields of study:Education

Department/Division : Environment and Natural Resource Management

Fields of study:Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Natural Resources

Department/Division : Mass Communication

Fields of study:Mass Communication, Public Relations

Department/Division : Pre-University Programme (PUP)

Fields of study:Business Administration, Christian Religious Studies, Communication Studies, English, Literature, Mathematics

Department/Division : Religion

Fields of study:Christian Religious Studies, Religion, Theology

Institute : Research, Development, and Policy (IRDP)

School : Business

Fields of study:Business Administration, Business and Commerce, International Business, Management, Sales Techniques

School : Governance, Peace and Security

Fields of study:Civil Security, Criminal Law, Criminology, Parks and Recreation, Peace and Disarmament, Social and Community Services

School : Law

Fields of study:Law

top Degrees

Certificate / Diploma

Bachelor's Degree

Postgraduate Diploma

Fields of study:Management, Peace and Disarmament

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Business Administration, Civil Security, Education, Environmental Management, Government, Information Technology, Natural Resources, Peace and Disarmament, Psychology, Religion

Doctor's Degree

Fields of study:Religion

Updated on 21-06-2016